Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Let's go shopping at the Sea Hole...

Hello Readers!
Due to the fact that I could not log in yesterday and thus couldn't take any pictures, you will find a blog here today with photo's I took before. And ALL designs are available on Marketplace as I could not get any landmarks in SL either.
The Sea Hole has a store on Marketplace which is an outlet and all designs there are 1 L$. There are MANY, about 86 pages with all designs. But careful: is you have a MESH body take a good look at what you want to buy, a lot of these designs are for system avatars only! So if you find something nice there, make sure it is MESH and fits your mesh body!
I found a few lovely mesh designs there, but let me start by telling you which skin I am wearing today.
Today on my blog I am wearing a new skin and Catwa appliers by 7 Deadly S[k]ins and the skin and appliers are called FLAME (pineapple). I also used their Catwa applier for my head. The perfect eyes are by Mesange and today I am wearing their Sekhmet eyes. These eyes are a new release, and they come with an awesome colour change HUD, but they also come in system avatar eyes. The HUD holds 16 colours and you can choose 4 different sizes.
The fun hair is by Truth hair and it is their Lori hair.
So what did I het at The Sea Hole? Well this lovely Wonderwoods dress comes in 6 colours and each one is 1 L$ on Marketplace. I got the turquoise one because that goes so well with the Staked boots & jeans which I got from the Midnight Mania board at Etchaflesh. You do not need a group to click this board! You get only the turquoise colour.
The perfect matching jewelry is a new release by Moondance Boutique. This lovely Diana set is available at the Designer Showcase. It is not free, but completely colour change so you can adjust it to every outfit you want to wear!
And Etchaflesh also has these awesome Tarty Tippy Sneaks on another Midnight Mania board, for which you do not need a group either! I thought they might go perfect with the Mister trousers which are available in 6 colours. I bought the buttercream ones for 1 L$.
Together with the Harvard sweater in buttercream this makes an awesome outfit!
The Steam Punk necklace is by JPK Jinn Pow Kinn and it is totally free.
The next outfit is the Tentacles dress in the Deadly Fruit colour. This dress is also available in other colours and each one is 1 L$. There is a matching Tentacles BAG available too for 1 L$.
And the Notions top & skirt comes in a pack with 2 versions for 1 L$. I choose the Gum version, but you can find this set in 6 colours on Marketplace.
The Painted Desert skirt also comes in 6 colours, and the Desert Sky one which I choose is 1 L$ like the other 5. I choose the New Romance blouse in peach to go with this skirt, which makes a romantic combination. Can you believe you can look this elegant for just 2 L$?
And for fun or romantic evenings you can also find a few very nice outfits at The Sea Hole on Marketplace, How about this Shimmer Shift dress? I choose the plum version but there are 6 colours to choose from, each for 1 L$.
Last but not least this Parisian Glitter Panel dress, which is also available in 6 colours for 1 L$ each. I am wearing the Mango version but the others are just as cute and perfect for a night dancing and flirting!