Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I am sooo in love with you...

Hi Readers!
With Valentines Day right around the corner I found an awesome dress and some beautiful floating hearts to express how much in love you are. This lovely dress is by Maci's and it is called Heartbeat. You don't only get the dress, you also get the matching red boots. A colour change HUD is included which changes the colour of the dress, panties, and laces. Which makes it possible to wear this dress with or without the heart and in white or black. You can look so much in love for just 125 L$.
The lovely floating hearts are by Persefona and you can find these hearts in many versions and colours at the Cosmopolitan till January 29th. The hearts are 120 L$ per versions, but Persefona is also offering a lovely veil with hearts for 90 L$ and mysterious Lovelia masks with a colour change HUD for 75 L$.
I am wearing a new Catwa Bento head called Catya, and I am still tweaking the shape a bit. I like to have a smile on my face and I want a natural look...so you might see me change over the next days a bit.
I am wearing the Breeze skin and appliers by 7 Deadly S{k}ins today in the Taupe skin tone. It is a lovely sexy skin, perfect to wear with gowns and elegant dresses!With this skin I am wearing eyes by Mesange called Melancholy eyes. The eyes come with an easy to use HUD which gives you several size possibilities and colour choices. You can find them at the Lost & Found event till end of January.
The hair I am wearing today is by Truth and today I am wearing Georgina hair, which you can find in the 50 L$ sale at Truth. I am also wearing Wind hair in red which is a Gacha hair at Epiphany. You can try to get your preference for 50 L$ per try!
Now what is more romantic than to get a tattoo for Valentine's day? I found this Search tattoo by Queen of Ink at the #146 round of the Designer Circle which runs till January 27th. It comes with all appliers for Mesh bodies but also for system avatars and it is 199 L$.
And a romantic walk with your loved one through the woods, close together, enjoying the nature and the warmth of your love... I found the perfect outfit for it: this Chloe leather jacket, including pants and boots is 180 L$ at the Fitmesh Designer Expose. It is on offer by Moonstar by the Sea.
Moonstar by the Sea also has these Kaylin Bell bottoms and top on offer at the Fitmesh Designer Expose for 150 L$ in case you like a romantic walk along the beach better. Or you just want to go for a surf. Or you just like that romantic hippie look!
And these fun Mango Platter dresses are also great for a beach walk but you can also go dancing in them. They come with the shoes and with a colour change HUD for 150 L$. Moonstar by the Sea  is offering them at the Fitmesh Designer Expose.
My last find for today is perfect for that grand evening when you want to blow your boyfriend away with that elegant teasing look. This Raisa gown is also 150 L$ and Moonstar by the Sea is offering that too at the Fitmesh Designer Expose. It comes with the elegant heels and the matching jewelry.
You are ready for an enchanting evening!