Saturday, January 28, 2017

I am LATE , I am LATE !!!

Hi Readers,
Let me apologize up front, I am posting a lovely set of clothes by Entice today, which they made for the Cosmopolitan Event and this event closes TODAY! Sorry....I just found it in my huge inventory, hidden in a wrong folder. But the set is too good to miss, so I am still showing it anyway. You have TODAY to get it if you like it as much as I do!
This lovely set is sold separate, the Fugue tops and Fugue skirts come sin sets of 2, and each set is 150 L$. The fat packs with all 8 colours are 750 L$ each. They give you the opportunity to mix and match all you like! Showing you a few possibilities of the mix & match below.
With this lovely outfit I am wearing wrist bands by CNZ from their 60 L$ offer this week. These wrist Bandana's come with a colour change HUD so you can adjust them to all your outfits.
The elegant skin I am wearing today is Leslie and both skin and appliers are by 7 Deadly S{k}ins. I am wearing the OAK skin tone. It is a lovely sexy skin, perfect to wear with gowns and elegant dresses!
The beautiful eyes are by Ikon and they are called Charm eyes in Abyss colour, in Midnight colour and Earth colour. There are plenty colours to choose from and each pair is 150 L$.
The fun hair is by Truth, today I am wearing Lori in red and Georgina in red (the wind blown hair) which you can find at the 50 L$ discount at the store.

Entice also has a new gift for SLF&O group members. This group is free to join and these sexy Scarborough Fair boots are yours if you wear the group tag.
Over to MODA and their 99 L$ sale for all BOOTS at the store! ALL  boots are just 99 L$ including HUDS and all! I am showing you below which boots I got there.
And these cute shoes are from their 4 lucky chairs for which you do not need a group! At MODA ladies!
Over to the Swank Event which runs till January 31st. Loordes of London has these great The Carbon footprint heels there (for Slink feet) and the Tulip Escape skirts and matching The Floral arrangement tops for just 55 L$ each! There are 5 colours to choose from and they all look great!
My next find are these awesome gowns by Viki. They are called Sansa dresses and they come in 3 colours. You can find them at the Vintage Gacha fair till January 31st. It is a gift, look for the cute Chinese Take Away boxes in front of the vendors.
Then my friend Kialaya teleported me to NSP. they have 6 lucky chairs with changing gifts, ranging from lovely hair floers, to hair and to hats...but also elegant fantasy dresses.
You do not need a group to sit on these chairs, and below you can see the hair I got there, the hair flower and the lovely hat.

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