Thursday, November 24, 2016

What happened to the GROUP GIFTS ???

Good morning Readers!
I have asked you this question before: what happened to the group gifts? Many designers gave out a gift to their members on the first of the month, but somehow a lot of them decided NOT to send out group gift anymore.
They are of course GIFTs, so no bad word about it, and if I owned a SL store and had to give away one of my designs each month over years...I would stop too!
But it is always a pleasure to find a store that still has group gifts out and especially if the store group is free to join. I landed at Gaall and their Gaal Group is free to join. You can find about 18 group gifts there, ranging from shoes to outfits. There are too many group gifts to show you in one blog, so the rest will follow tomorrow.
So just ONE store to visit unless you want to get this beautiful skin I am wearing. This skin is Tessa 2016 in darktan by WoW skins and the Angelica Catwa applier is also by them
The beautiful eyes are by Inkheart and I blogged their SLF&O gifts (the eyes I am wearing are from one of these gifts) HERE.
The lovely hair is by Iconic and it is called Michelle. You get a HUD to change this hair into 36 tones. There are also 2 HUDs included, one for Catwa mesh heads and one for Lelutka. You can find this hair as a GIFT at Hairology which event runs till November 30th.
So here goes...
Galloway outfit and Tartessos sandals.
And November 2015 gift.
And October 2015 gift.
And February gift.
And 1 2 3 Gift. The fun hair is by Like Design, it is called Tatiana and the hair comes with a colour change HUD to change the hair colour or the hair band colour. It is a new release, so NOT free.
And Black & White gift.
And the July gift.
And the Capri outfit gift, which comes with hat and glasses.
And the Komic Gift, which comes with the sneakers. And a free boob enlargement.