Sunday, November 6, 2016

All about the shoes, boots, lipsticks, jewelry and those mesmerizing eyes.

Happy Sunday Readers!
What draws your attention? Awesome boots? Sexy heels? Or perfect lipsticks? Or can't you take your eyes off those mesmerizing First Date eyes by Mesange? I am wearing these beautiful eyes on my blog today, #4, but there are 16 lovely tones to choose from!
I also found a lot of free hair and shoes for you today, for some you will need a paid or free group.
So let me start with the awesome dress that is totally free at Rose Marine. At the landing point take a TP to the FEMALE department and right in front of you you will see a box which you can buy for 0 L$. Inside is this fun pink dress including the awesome boots. Fits system avatars, Belleza, Maitreya and Slink.
The awesome hair is from the lucky boards at Phoenix and they have 8 ones for group members and 3 group gifts too. This hair is Isabel and it is a group gift, you get MANY huds with this hair so you have a lot of choices to wear. The Phoenix group is free to join.
I am wearing the Tressa 2016 darktan skin by WoW skins and for my Catwa head I am using the Sicilia applier in Darktan.
With this lovely dress I am wearing beautiful new lipsticks by Indulge Temptation. You can find these striking lipsticks in 6 versions for just 99 L$ each at the Old Fair. 
The beautiful eyeshadow is called Seduction and you can find this eyeshadow at the Old Fair too in 6 versions. Each one is 150 L$. The eye shadows and the lipstic HUDs all have 10 different colours inside. I am showing you a fe woptions below.
Indulge Temptation also has some to die for new jewelry sets. I love these Easy Peasy sets, they are colour change which means you can change the metal into 10 colours, the gems into 8 colours (there are 2 rows of gems, you can colour them separate). There are 6 sets to choose from, each one is 150 L$. You can find them at the Be Beauty Event.
I am wearing set #6 with the fun camo dress which I got from the lucky boards at Phedora. These boards are GROUP boards and the Phedora Group is 300 L$ to join, which is a huge amount. However there are 6 group gifts available, and there are 4 group price boards to click. I am showing you below what I got as a group member. SOME are group gifts and SOME are from the lucky boards.
However Phedora also has a gift at their store for which you do NOT need a group. These fun pink booties are free for everyone. Just look at the details, the stitching ad the cut out parts...awesome.
My last find for today are the cute foot wraps Gemyles has on one of their 5 lucky boards. You do not need a group to click these boards, and 4 of them are with hairs, one is with shoes... They fit Slink high feet.