Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

Good morning Readers!
I am a little bit late but hey it is Saturday so you probably slept late.
So what do I have on my blog for you today? Well there is this Black Friday & Cyber Monday fair going on where a lot of designers offer one or more of their designs for just 30L$ and 35 L$. The rest of their designs are 50% off and most designers have a GIFT at their booth too. I went to Indulge Temptation at this event and they have beautiful Hyper Hoops earrings on offer there. They go great with any necklace or with bangles, and these earrings all come with a colour change HUD which gives you 10 metal options!
Three of these sets are 30 L$, the last 2 are 35 L$.
The lovely hair is by Truth and it is called Etienne. Truth is having a Black Friday sale till the 28th of November and in their front room all the hairs are single tones 75 L$ and fat packs 400 L$.
The lovely Eva skin is by Awear and you can find this skin in 3 skin tones for 200 L$ per skin tone. You get 5 face options (with different eyebrow colours) and Omega and Catwa appliers are included. You can also choose a moles or non-moles version. I am wearing the dark version. You can find this awesome offer at the Designer Circle till December 3rd. With this skin I am wearing make up by Indulge Temptation which I will blog tomorrow.
The lovely Mediterraneo eyes are by WoW skins and you can find them at the Designer Circle for 199 L$. You get 6 versions of these eyes, and you get mesh eyes but also regular eyes.
Indulge Temptation has, like most designers at the Black Friday & Cyber Monday fair a GIFT for us all. These beautiful adornments are free.
Let me show you what the Eva skin by Awear looks like without make up.
The lovely hair is also available at the Designer Circle. It is by Pelle and it is called Melanie. There are 9 colours to choose from, and each one is 199 L$. I am wearing the DARK BROWN version today.
With this skin I am wearing a lovely top by Perch. This top is called Katie and it comes with a colour change HUD which gives you 6 options to wear this top. it is just 99 L$ and it fits Maitreya, Slink and Belleza. You can find these tops at the Designer Circle.
The fun Calli Bib overalls are by MOoH and you can find them at the Designer Circle too. There are 2 versions to choose from (ripped and non ripped) and each one is 99 L$. Both versions come with a colour change HUD which gives you 8 jeans colour options and 5 metal options. The jeans fit Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, E-Body and system avatars.
The fun shoes are by Baby Monkey and they are called Amber Platform shoes. They come with a colour change HUD which gives you many colour options. I got these shoes from the lucky chairs (there are 8 at the store) for which you do not need a group, just some patience.
I am wearing the ripped version of these jeans with the cropped Bolero tops LX Essentials has on offer at the Designer Circle. They have 4 versions to choose from, and each set has 2 tube tops and 2 boleros inside. You can mix and match. Each set is 129 L$.
The beautiful Sunflower poses are by Joplino and they are just 60 L$ including the sunflowers! you can find them the Designer Circle.
The last bargain I found at the Designer Circle is by MissNoise. They have these great oversized jeans jackets on offer in 6 versions for just 99L$ each! The jackets are very detailed, even the backs are awesome!
With the jackets I am wearing Loved High Boots with pants by Chic Princess. You can wear the boots with or without the pants and there is a colour change HUD included which gives you 20 colour options for the boots, 21 for the pants and 14 for the laces. This set is 139 L$ and it fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.
There is also a set with Boots only (and the colour change HUD with 20 colours) for just 99 L$. You can find both at the Designer Circle.