Monday, November 21, 2016

13 posts to go till my 1900 post!

Hi there Readers!
Can you believe this is my 1887 post already? When I started this blog it was just to share the free and cheap designs I found in Second Life or Marketplace and I still love sharing them with you all!
So what am I sharing today?
Well I went to the Fitmesh Designer Expose and you can find a lot of great offers there! A lot of great designers offer exclusives there or really nice bargains!
I got this fun Marguerittee dress there which comes as an exclusive two dress sale at the Fitmesh Designer Expose. It is by Delikatt and you get these 2 gowns for just 125 L$.
With these gowns I am wearing beautiful foot anklets jewels by Like Design which are a new release, so NOT free. However if you keep reading you will see below another new release by Like Design and free hairs and shoes from their 2 group Midnight Mania boards or 6 group lucky boards. The Like Design group is free to join!
The skin I am wearing is by  WoW skins and it is their Tessa 2016 skin in darktan. For my Catwa head I used the Angelique applier by  WoW skins.
The beautiful eyes are by Mesange and they are their The Bright Crown eyes #11. There are 15 colours of these eyes and you can find them at the Applique event
The lovely hair is by Iconic and it is called Michelle. You get a HUD to change this hair into 36 tones. There are also 2 HUDs included, one for Catwa mesh heads and one for Lelutka. You can find this hair as a GIFT at Hairology which event runs till November 30th.
Then I got the beautiful yet very seductive gowns by Moonstar by the Sea at the Fitmesh Designer Expose. These lovely gowns are called Cool corset gowns (there is also a WARM Corset gown set available) and they come with a colour change HUD which gives you 4 lovely options to wear the gown. For just 150 L$ the warm or cold version is yours. Necklace and shoes are included.
The shoes fit Slink high and the gowns fit system avatars, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP.
And if you like sexy go get the EmilyMae cutout dresses by Gemyles. They come with a colour change HUD with 32 options but this HUD gives you also the option to wear the dress modest or very tempting. The lovely Slink high heels are included. You can find this dress at the Fitmesh Designer Expose for 199 L$.
The lovely Chunky necklace is by Indulge Temptation and it is their Chunky necklace. This necklace comes with a colour change HUD which gives you 10 metal options.
The Carmela Crown is a HUNT gift you can find at Indulge Temptation.
Over to the new released Carla Body suit by  Like Design. This sensual body suit comes with a huge colour change HUD which changes the body and the straps separate. With this sexy body suit I am wearing new Lucky board hair by  Like Design which is called Glam hair. There are 3 new lucky board hairs, which I am showing you below. The Glam hair is in the blonde version on the luckies, however if you want the hair with a colour change HUD you can buy it to the right of the lucky boards for 50 L$. Showing you the versions of the hairs on the lucky boards below.
Then there are lovely golden heels on the Midnight Mania board at  Like Design and on their luckies are these perfect Slink high heels. You just need their free to join group and some patience to get them!
You can also find Slink high heels on one of the lucky boards at Rowena's Design. You do not need a group to click one of their 2 Midnight Mania boards, nor for the 6 lucky boards or the 4 mini mania boards! I got these Belle heels with HUD from the board.
And if you want more FREE hair, join the LOVE group and check their past group notices, You will find this awesome hair with hat there.
And LaLa Moon has 2 lucky boards with hair for which you do not need a group. I was so lucky to get this Rela hair in silver. However you can change the hair colour in edit.
My last find for today is the Christmas tree at EarthStones. They have these lucky letter presents under the tree and you do not need a group to click them. I was so lucky to get 3 presents already!