Thursday, October 13, 2016

Who doesn't want free shoes?

Hi there Readers!
On todays blog you will see plenty free shoes. I have been visiting shoe stores to see if there are still gifts, either group or non group, to pick up. So I am showing you a few results below.
I also went back to the Designer Circle. They extended their #140 round till October 22nd, so you still have time to go there and have a look at the great bargains you can find there.
But first things first:
I am wearing a new skin by WoW skins: The beautiful Tessa 2016 skins are available at the Chapter Four in 6 skin tones. Each skin is just 100 L$ which is a steal for such detailed skins! Omega appliers are available for 100 L$ too. The skin tones range from a very dark Caffe to a very light Milk tone. You get a natural version AND a version with the red lipstick.
REMEMBER: I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with all skins. The freckles are NOT INCLUDED! These freckle layers come in 4 versions, for 5 L$.

The beautiful eyes I am wearing are Arabian Night eyes by Mesange. You can get a fat pack of these eyes (15 mesh eyes) at their store.
And I am wearing Venus hair by Gemyles from their 5 lucky boards for which you do not need a group and on four of them are HAIR boards! On the 5th are shoes, so if you are a shoe or hair addict like me it is heaven to stalk these boards for a while. I will show you shoes from this lucky  board later on.
At the Designer Circle I got this great Oriental gown by Culco Boutique. It comes in a beautiful royal blue and it's 160 L$. Perfect for a night dancing :)
And Urbana Chic has these great Paige Capri pants with colour change HUD on offer at the Designer Circle. A matching Porscha sweater and matching heels for Slink high feet are available too.
The Paige Capri pants come in black or blue and you et a HUD with the pants which changes the colour into 6 shades.  Porscha sweaters also come in 2 versions and they can be changed with a HUD into 12 colours. The pants and the sweaters are 85 L$ each, the heels are 75 L$, they come in 2 colours.
The lovely Black Rose bangles are by Baubles by Phe.

 Over to FREE shoes. I promised to show you some of the free shoes you can find on the lucky boards at Gemyles. They have 5 Luckies, 4 with hair, one with shoes and I was so lucky to win the MariahLee white wrap shoes and the elegant Cassia Cyan heels. They fit Slink high feet.
And I am an N-Core group member. The N-Core group is 50 L$ to join but they have 2 group gifts available, and 3 group lucky boards with shoes. I am showing you the lovely Eden heels which I got from the lucky boards.
The next stop for me was ROC. They have a free to join ROC group and there are 2 sweet heels available as group gifts. ROC also has a pair of shoes as a gift if you are in the Maitreya Maniacs group or the Maitreya Gifts group, and if you are an SLF&O group member. This group is free to join and as I am a member there, I got these perfect pink pumps as a gift. All shoes fit Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP.
Another sore that has 2 group lucky chairs is Diamante. The Diamante group is 50 L$ to join (they do have times when the group is free to join - which I did). I got these great heels from their lucky chair. A colour change HUD is included.
And Afantasie has 2 group gifts at the store, buy for 0 L$. However I could buy them without being in their group.
Strangely enough when I checked the store one day after I got these shoes, they were gone. Probably they were set wrong.
I found several replacements on Marketplace, like these Ambigous heels with colour change HUD which are free on Marketplace.
Or like these gold heels by JustDesign Mesh. They are free on Marketplace.
Or these awesome laces black boots which are on Marketplace for free by Extal.

The last find for today is by S@bbia .  The S@bbia group is free to join and there are 3 group lucky boards at the store with clothes, and also a question mark board with clothes and shoes. The shoes fit system avatars, and I was so lucky to win 2 pairs.

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