Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Can I entice you to get this free hair?

Good morning Readers!
I found out Gemyles has 5 lucky boards for which you do not need a group and on four of them are HAIR boards! On the 5th are shoes, so if you are a shoe or hair addict like me it is heaven to stalk these boards for a while. The lovely Venus red hair I am wearing today on my blog is from those lucky boards.
I am wearing a new skin by WoW skins: The beautiful Tessa 2016 skins are available at the Chapter Four in 6 skin tones. Each skin is just 100 L$ which is a steal for such detailed skins! Omega appliers are available for 100 L$ too. The skin tones range from a very dark Caffe to a very light Milk tone. You get a natural version AND a version with the red lipstick.
REMEMBER: I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with all skins. The freckles are NOT INCLUDED! These freckle layers come in 4 versions, for 5 L$.

The beautiful eyes I am wearing are Arabian Night eyes by Mesange. You can get a fat pack of these eyes (15 mesh eyes) at their store.
But what am I wearing today?
Entice has some awesome gifts if you are an SLF&O group member. This group is free to join and this lovely Sex me dress with colour change HUD is free for you to pick up after joining. So are the awesome A night in Bangkok nails.

Entice also has a new gift on their GROUP midnight Mania board, the Entice group is free to join. This fun dress is called Side to Side.
With this dress I am wearing stockings which are called Say my Name. These stockings are by Entice and they are one of their Super Weekend Sale items. There are also Say my Name dresses on offer in several versions. The fat pack of stockings and each dress are 99 L$ the fat pack of all 8 dresses is 500 L$.
The next Thriller dresses by Entice are available at On9 for 150 L$ each. The BAT one however is just 99 L$ and perfect for Halloween if you ask me :)
Over to the Designer Circle. They extended their #140 round till October 22nd so you still have time to pick up the great bargains you can find there.
Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 200 L$ so what is keeping you here? Ahh you want to see what I got there!
Well I went for sexy this time and got these awesome Lana dresses with Bra and panties. They are on offer at the Designer Circle by zOOm and they come in black and white. You get both together for just 169 L$.
The lovely Black Rose bangles are by Baubles by Phe.
And Culco Boutique has this sexy Strappy Camo dress on offer at the Designer Circle for just 160 L$. I just love it!
The elegant gold bangles are 1 L$ and you can find them on Marketplace along with a black version. They are by EA Glamour. To my surprise they are no longer available, but I found a replacement for 1 L$ by CovertNoom on Marketplace.
My last find for today the Designer Circle are these awesome Oksana Brocade dresses by Prism. There are 5 versions to choose from (showing you 3 of them) and each one is 199 L$. Love the button details!