Friday, October 14, 2016

Oh those outfits, oh those hairs, oh those eyes!

Good morning Readers!
Hair, eyes, outfits, all on my blog today. I just love hair...and Mesange has released lovely new eyes (I am addicted to their eyes) so I could not resist them! And at the Designer Circle I found some really sexy outfits!
What more does a girl need? Ah yes, shoes, but I blogged those yesterday.
So let me start with the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till October 22nd and Awear has these Too hot for you bodies there on offer for 199 L$. You get all 3 colours. And you do look too hot in them :)
I am wearing a new skin by WoW skins: The beautiful Tessa 2016 skins are available at the Chapter Four in 6 skin tones. Each skin is just 100 L$ which is a steal for such detailed skins! Omega appliers are available for 100 L$ too. The skin tones range from a very dark Caffe to a very light Milk tone. You get a natural version AND a version with the red lipstick.
REMEMBER: I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with all skins. The freckles are NOT INCLUDED! These freckle layers come in 4 versions, for 5 L$.

The beautiful eyes I am wearing are Arabian Night eyes by Mesange. You can get a fat pack of these eyes (15 mesh eyes) at their store.
And the fun hair is FREE hair you can find at Like Design. They have 6 group lucky boards ( the Like Design group is free to join) and on these boards are shoes and hair. The hairs are also on sale to the right of the boards for 50 L$ including a colour change HUD. The three hairs on the lucky boards are single colours.
The hair I am wearing is called Britney and the FREE version is light blonde. The RED version is from the 50 L$ hair HUD.
I am showing you all 3 free hairs from the lucky boards at  Like Design. The Britney hair in light blonde, the Annela hair in red and the Romana hair in dark brown are on the lucky boards. You can buy the version with HUD for 50 L$ to the right of the lucky boards.
My next find at the Designer Circle is also by Awear. They have these sexy Micro pantie shorts. They come with a colour and texture change HUD which changes the panties into 6 colours and in 3 different versions, from sheer to solid. 199 L$ and they are yours.
With these panties I am wearing sexy Rythm tops by LX Essentials. There are several sets on offer and each set contains 2 lovely tops. For 130 L$ the sets are yours. You can find them at the Designer Circle.
My next find are free hairs...and with these hairs I am wearing the new Ignis eyes by Mesange . I am wearing #9, lovely greenish blue eyes, but all other colours are just as lovely!
This first hair is not free, it is from a Gacha machine at Exile and each try is 50 L$. The hair is called First snow.
And at Free Dove you can find a lot of free items, ranging from skins to eyes, hair, clothes, jewelry and AOs. I went for the hairs and I got this elegant hair called Boon there by Rezology. The hair comes with a huge colour change HUD. Showing you a few options below.
And this hair by Fabia is also for free available at the Free Dove. It comes with a colour change HUD.
My last find are the hairs from the Lucky Boards at Gemyles. You have me seen wearing Venus hair in red on my blog a few days...which is free on these lucky boards. You do not need a group to click the boards.
And this hair is called Kala. I won two versions of this hair from the lucky chairs at Gemyles.
And this hair is called Dae and you can find it at Gemyles on their Luckies. I won 2 lovely tones.
My last find is also from the lucky boards at Gemyles and this hair is called Kylie. I won 4 colours of this hair. Good luck ladies!!