Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What is FREE on this blog?

Hi there Readers!
Well there is a simple answer: on todays blog just ONE pair of shoes is free. But I promise you what you find on my blog today is CHEAP!
And great quality too!
First things first: on my blog today I am wearing a Catwa Destiny mesh head, Maitreya Lara Body, and Slink hands and feet, which works together well.
I am using the Monica and the Angelica Catwa Head applier by WoW skins with the Catwa head. The skin I am wearing is also by WoW skins and it is Tessa 2016 Darktan.
And I am wearing Georgina hair by Truth with the outfits which is 50 L$ in teir sale department (which is the short hair) and Dancing on my own hair by Exile, which is a Gacha hair (each try is 50 L$) and this hair is the up do like hair.
So where did I find the offers for today?
Entice has some really super 55 L$ sales going on. These 55 L$ sales start on THURSDAY!! They are just too good to miss and I am showing you just a FEW on y blog today...there are several more at the store!
How about this sexy Beautiful Drug Dress which comes with a colour change HUD which changes the dress into 3 great tones. Just 55 L$.
And the matching Beautiful Drug Boots are 55 L$ too. They also come with a colour change HUD, which changes the rim, the boots, the laces, the heel, the sole and the belts into 3 colours. You can change each part separate so you can play around with the colours.
There is a DARK and a LIGHT version of the dress and the boots available.
And Entice also has this cute Honey I'm Home outfit on offer for 55 L$. The jacket and the shirt are colour change and the skirt is included.
With this outfit I am wearing another 55 L$ offer by Entice, the shoes fit Maitreya and Slink MID feet and they are called Honey I'm Home too. A HUD is included and you can change the shoes into 7 colours. The shoes are 55 L$ too.
Over to Rowena's Design. Now they have some awesome 25 L$ offers, you won't believe it.
I just fell for the beautiful Trojan gown and matching boots. They have that innocent look and at the same time they are very sexy! They come with a colour change HUD which changes the gown into 5 lovely tones. The matching boots fit Slink High and Slink MID feet and they also come with a colour change hud. Can you believe this whole outfit including heels is yours for 50 L$? (25 L$ for the gown, 25 L$ for the boots).
Rowena's Design has more 25 L$ offers! How about this Fairy dress which comes with the wings (you cannot wear the dress without the wings) and with a colour change HUD which changes the dress and wings into 5 great colours.
The lovely shoes are called Jasna and they are from the Midnight Mania board at Rowena's Design. For this board you do not need a group, just a few friends that come click. So they are FREE! They come with a colour change HUD.
The next 25 L$ offers by Rowena's Design are perfect for Halloween! The first one is a Gothic dress in dark colours, which is called Steampunk dress. Add a little blood and you're done :) The dress comes with a colour change HUD and the matching boots are included.
My last find is also by Rowena's Design and it is again a 25 L$ offer. These Sugar Skull shirts are just to die for! They come with a colour change HUD which changes the colour into no less than 6 lovely colours. I didn't want to take it off :)