Monday, May 16, 2016

We love Roleplay and a Chic Princess on my blog today!

Hi there Readers!
Let me start with the good news:
I will be away for the next 3 weeks, so there will not be a blog!
But today there is a blog...and a lot of free gifts too! So where to begin? Well I went to the We <3 Roleplay event which runs till the end of May. Lots of participants in this event have a gift for visitors at their stores there, and I got a few great ones!
Let me show you the beautiful skin I found there at the store of The Plastik. This skin is called Chyll - Brisk and you get several versions of this skin, make up options and freckle layers as extra's and a LOT of appliers. I used the Omega appliers and the Slink hands & feet ones on my body. I am showing you a few make up options below.
The elegant The Mynerva in blush flats (for Slink, Maitreya and TMP) and the fabulous De Lore bag in cream are also gifts by The Plastik at We <3 Roleplay. On top of all these great gifts there are Nails included for Slink and Maitreya (not shown).
The beautiful neck piece is also a gift at We <3 Roleplay and this one is by Zibska.
And with the skin I am wearing another gift you can find at We <3 Roleplay which is the hair base and the hat by MiaMai.
I am wearing this Chyll skin with a dress I got at Culco Boutique, called T front Dress.
The lovely hair I am wearing on the lower pictures is a new freebie at Little Bones, called Chell. This hair is on their front desk, click the picture on the desk and buy for 0 L$, no group needed.
The next great hairs come with a colour change HUD and they are all by Calico. They are their gift at We <3 Roleplay and they are just awesome!
This first hair is called Mantha hair sea. Just showing you a few colour options. All hair below comes with a HUD which changes the colour of the hair and/or the accessoires.
The lovely pearls set is by Lazuri and you can find it for free on Marketplace. The set is colour change by touch and you get bracelets, necklace and earrings.
The sexy skin I am wearing today it Susse 2016 darktan cl by WoW skins. The skin comes in 6 great colours (not free).
And this hair is called Penny.
This hair is called Phoebe.
And this hair is called Quinn, you get a fat pack of this hair.
Over to Chic Princess. They have 6 lucky chairs for which you do not need a group and they also have 2 Midnight Mania boards (Free group is needed to click them). I was so lucky to get all 5 lucky chair gifts. Look below what is on the chairs!
The lovely necklace I am wearing with the outfits is a gift by GIYph and you get 3 versions of this necklace at We <3 Roleplay. You can also get the beautiful earrings there and they are by Kunglers.
The beautiful Alianora brooch is also a gift at We <3 Roleplay and you can find it at the store of Wicca'sWardrobe.
The shoes are from the Lucky Boards at Empire. You will need the Empire group to click these 6 boards with shoes for ALL feet, be it system avatars, Belleza, Maitreya, TMP or Slink. The group is free to join and you can click away on all 6 boards.