Friday, May 13, 2016

I feel so pretty :) on Friday the 13tth

Hi Readers!
I feel so pretty today, in all the lovely dresses, with the fun hair, with the elegant (free) shoes...
So here goes on this Friday 13th...
These lovely outfits below are group gifts by Gemyles. The first one, called Hetty is for their free to join group and you get the dress and the pants with appliers in 2 colours!
The lovely shoes I am wearing with this dress are from the group lucky boards at Like Design and this group is free to join. There are 6 lucky boards with Slink high shoes and 2 group Midnight Mania boards to click.
The 50ths hair called Peggy is by EMO-tions and it is their newest group gift. The hair is called Peggy and it comes with a blonde colour change HUD. The EMO-tions group is free to join and there are 7 female group gift hairs and one male group gift hair. There is also a box with bangs for free and hairbases. I am wearing the bangs with the Peggy hair.
The sexy skin I am wearing today it Susse 2016 darktan cl by WoW skins. The skin comes in 6 great colours (not free).
The second outfit is called Retro 50th Poodle dress and it comes with a colour change HUD. This gift is for the VIP group members at Gemyles and joining this group is 250 L$. However you get plenty more group gifts, all lovely gowns, dresses, with HUD and shoes. I counted 10 gifts, which means 25 L$ per gift...worth to join!
The lovely pink shoes in retro style are from the group lucky boards at Like Design and this group is free to join.
Over to the SLF&O group which is also free to join. Gemyles has this very cute Born to Shop outfit as a gift for this group!
These awesome shoes with roses in the soles are  perfect to wear with the Born to Shop outfit! They are yours if you can locate the little elf which is the hunt item in the Fairy Tale hunt. You have to find this elf at Firelight Creations and click their MM board too, they have awesome gifts on it and you do not need a group.
The next shoes are from the Lucky Boards at Empire. You will need the Empire group to click these 6 boards with shoes for ALL feet, be it system avatars, Belleza, Maitreya, TMP or Slink. The group is free to join and you can click away on all 6 boards.
Over to the Designer Showcase. Entice has a lovely dress called Watch me Shine as a gift for SLF&O group members there (the group is free to join). Look for the black & white gift box on the table. They also have these sexy Proud Mary dresses there on offer in 2 versions. The dresses aren't cheap, 199 L$ per dress or 500 L$ for the fat pack with HUD. But they are great dresses to have!
The Kiss the Girl hair comes with a colour change HUD which changes the hair into 6 hair tones and you can find it at Entice for 99 L$.
The lovely golden shoes in retro style are from the group Midnight Mania boards at Like Design and this group is free to join.
This is the Solids version V1.
This is the Solids version V2.
And these sexy matching nails for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya and Omega using hands are just 75 L$ and you get 6 options for your nails.