Saturday, May 14, 2016

Freebies and gifts

Happy Saturday Readers!
To start your weekend I found some really cute freebies and free gifts for you. I went to MMC to click their Midnight Mania board, and found out this board is only there during the weekend (the owner told me this)! So this weekend you can click it again, but there might be a different gift on the boards! You do not need a group to click this board.
This beautiful sexy lingerie is what I got last week.
The Kiss the Girl hair comes with a colour change HUD which changes the hair into 6 hair tones and you can find it at Entice for 99 L$.
The sexy skin I am wearing today it Susse 2016 darktan cl by WoW skins. The skin comes in 6 great colours (not free).
Then I went to Simply Me! and joined their free group. They have several great group gifts at the store. Just click the bags under the Group gift marked vendors. I got these awesome lace leggings there, a sexy black & gold corset, a  cropped shirt and hot pants set, a black & white lingerie set and last but not least sexy panties with a naughty and a nice top.
The lovely golden shoes are from the group Midnight Mania boards at Like Design and this group is free to join.
The lovely pearls set is by Lazuri and you can find it for free on Marketplace. The set is colour change by touch and you get bracelets, necklace and earrings.
And this Sweet Seduction set is from the Midnight Mania board at Simply Me!.
Then I went to We <3 Roleplay. This big fair has many participating designers and some of them have a lovely gift at their stores.
I was there and got this lovely Sia make up by Musa there!
And I got this beautiful Fenia hair in 4 hair tones with the beautiful head jewel as a gift at We <3 Roleplay too! This hair is by EMO-tions and you get a regular version of this hair and a fades version. The head jewel is colour change with a HUD.
The red cropped top is also a gift at We <3 Roleplay and this one can be found at the store from [Azuchi & Vinyl].