Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Free mesh feet? Is that possible??

Readers today I found something special. At Firelight Creations is a Midnight Mania board with bikini's (also with other stuff, like a male suit). Well I got a studded bikini there with a color change HUD because the board closed. However there were mesh feet included! The board has a very low target, just 25 clicks. Today a bright pink bikini with the free feet is on it.
The sexy skin I am wearing today it Susse 2016 darktan cl by WoW skins. The skin comes in 6 great colours (not free).
The lovely hair is Georgina by Truth hair and you can find her in their back  sale room for 50 L$ per hair tone. You get 5 versions of each tone.
Over to Entice. I blogged a few of their 55 Thursday offers yesterday, but there are a lot more to choose from!
These Every Day jeans and tops sets come with a colour change HUD for the jeans, which changes the colour of the jeans into 3 tones. The jeans come in a high and a mid version. For the top you get Omega appliers which change the top into 3 tones. These outfits fit ALL mesh bodies and also classic avatars.
There are several versions to choose from: naturals, blues, colors and grey tones and each pack is just 99 L$!
I  decided to wear a necklace, bracelets and earrings by Lazuri with the outfits below. It is their Fall Romance Jewelry set, which is color change so you can adjust it to your outfits.