Saturday, December 16, 2017

Its going to be a red red Christmas gift advent this year!

Happy Saturday Readers!
Today I visited the Advent Calendar by Purple Moon. These gifts are all group only and joining the Purple Moon group is 50 L$. Which is a steal for all these lovely gifts!
And I visited CoCo where you can find a great group gift too. Joining their group is free.
And I went to the Designer Showcase to get some of the great offers you can find there! Their current round runs till December 31st.

So let me start with the basics: With the outfit below I am using Chant Omega appliers by 7 Deadly s[K]ins in the mid tone pineapple. These appliers are available at Winter Trend till December 22nd. Not only in pineapple but in several beautiful skin tones, ranging from very light to a warm dark tone.

The gorgeous hair is by Truth and it is their Montana hair, which comes with a hat, but as you can see you can also wear it without hat. A styling HUD is included, which gives you the option to wear the hair in different styles.

And the outfit? Well that is from the Advent Calendar by Purple Moon. It is their Day #11 gift, a beautiful dress called Sadie. And with this dress I am wearing the gift for Day #10: a beautiful jewelry set. Previous gifts are still available.
Then I went to CoCo. I joined their free group because they have many group gifts, but most of all because of their TWO great Christmas gifts. One is not shown: lovely antlers. But the other one is this sweet Leggings & Sweater set in red.

The fun tippy toe Christmas sneakers are by MODA and they are a group gift. The group is 500 L$ to join but they have 14 group gifts, one of these group gifts is a 500 L$ gift card. These Christmas shoes come with a colour change HUD with red, green, dotted and striped options.
My last visit was the Designer Showcase. Many great Second Life designers are participating in this Showcase and you can find gorgeous offers there!

I could not resist the lovely Fire meet Gasoline outfits Entice is offering there!
There are lovely sweaters in 8 colours for 99 L$ each or a fat pack with 2 bonus colours (emerald and white) for 299 L$.
There are cute matching checkered skirts for 150 L$ each, or a fat pack with 4 bonus colours (red, black, checkered mustard and checkered emerald) for 450 L$. The colour change HUD is only in the FATPACK - it makes it possible to use plain and checkered parts together.
There are beautiful matching scarfs for 99 L$ in 18 lovely colours.
And there are tights that go perfectly with the outfit for 99 L$ - 6 colours.
This outfit fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and it is just perfect for cold winter days!

The gorgeous hair is by Truth and it is their Athena hair.
And Tentation is offering a gorgeous Paige set at the Designer Showcase. You get a top, a sexy jacket, great skinny jeans and awesome pumps for just 199 L$. A colour change HUD with 12 options for the jacket, pants and shoes and 20 for the top is included. This set fits Maitreya, Belleza, TMP and Slink.
I played around with the HUD a bit, the results are shown below.
The cute sunglasses are an extra, which gives this set just that sexy edge.
My last find for today is by WellMade. These fun Isobel pants are on offer at the Designer Showcase for 140 L$. They fit Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, and TMP and a colour change HUD with 6 colours is included.

The Rosalie jackets are also by WellMade and they go great with these pants! They come with a colour change HUD and they also fit Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP. These jackets are 125 L$.

The poses with Baubles and the poses with Boxes are by Icons of Style and perfect of you are going to take pictures for your Christmas wishes!