Friday, December 22, 2017

Advent gifts and great Christmas sweaters

Good morning Readers!
Today some more advent gifts and some great gifts you can find in the 2 great hunts that are going on at the moment in Second Life: the Peace on Earth hunt #10. There are 297 stores to visit, which is quite a lot. But all the gifts are free, and you can find a Hint & link page here. In this hunt you are looking for a blue globe (earth).
And the Women Only Hunt also started. In this hunt you can get a HUD here which gives you teleports to all stores that are participating in this hunt AND a hint for each store, which is a great way to hunt!
You just click on the store you want to visit and you will teleport there. Click the HINT and you get a note with hint. In this hunt you are looking for a Snowflake.

But first the basics:
I am wearing a mesh head by Vista: Lia.
I am also wearing a mesh body by Maitreya: Lara.

The beautiful skin appliers today are by 7 Deadly s[K]ins. They are called Puck and you can find these awesome Omega applier and a matching shape at the Designer Circle in 2 versions. They are 199 L$ each and you get 5 dark or 5 light skin tones.

So let me start with the gorgeous Christmas Sweaters DE Boutique has on offer at the Designer Showcase. These sweaters are an Exclusive and they fit classic avatars as well as most mesh bodies. These sweaters are only available as fat pack with colour change HUD and with sexy over knee black boots. And the price? Just 149 L$, which is a steal!

The lovely Bekka hair is a gift by Ayashi. You will have to join the free Limerence group to get the hair. Just one colour with a lovely Christmas ornament at the back.
Then I went to G&D to find the snowflake which is the hunt item in the Women Only Hunt. If you can locate that snowflake these awesome snow boots for free!

And the great Annie sweater I am wearing is also a hunt gift in the Women Only Hunt. You have to find the snowflake at PinkCreamPie to get this great gift!

The leggings I am wearing with this sweater are from Marketplace. They actually are a wearable Color Tester by Beautiful Dirty Rich. They come as Omega appliers and they are free.

And even the coffee poses are a gift in the Women Only Hunt. Find the snowflake at Wetcat Poses and you can drink coffee sitting on the floor or taking a cup to work.
I just LOVE this beautiful gown by Ghee. It is beautiful, light and flowy, and perfect for Christmas. This gown is a gift in the Peace On Earth hunt, so go find that blue globe at the store and it is yours for free!

The beautiful Shenzhen Kenzo set is a new release by Luminesse. This set comes in several colour combinations, I am wearing the red - gold version with the cocktail dresses. It's simply a gorgeous set in modern Japanese high fashion design.  This is a minimalist style jewelry set in gold and black speckle tiling with a glamorous look.  The tiled necklace is simple yet amazing in detail formed into a full collar style necklace with lacquer plating in various colors and gold metal plates. This design will pair well with gowns and fashionable suits lending it to fabulous formal wear and more casual attire.
This set is offered at half price for 100L through 1-11-18.

The beautiful hair is by Truth and it is their Farryn hair, which is a NEW RELEASE at Uber. There is a styling HUD included which gives you the option to wear this hair all the way back, over one shoulder or over the other shoulder, and there are 2 versions to wear the bangs.
And then I went to Purple Moon. They have an advent calendar for group members and the group is 50 L$ to join. However all previous gifts are still available and they are sooo worth to join! One of the gifts (for Day #13) is this gorgeous Loretta dress.

The elegant Glitter shoes are an Advent gift for group members of Reign. Their group is 250 L$ to join, but they are sending out 10 gifts before Christmas in the group.
The next dress is also a gift from the Advent Calendar at Purple Moon. This is the gift for day #16 and this Shelby dress is awesome. I love the colour and the cut, so sexy!

Chop Zuey has 10 days to Christmas gifts at the store. They have them for group members (group is 350 L$ to join) and for NON group members.
The lovely All Faith necklaces I am wearing below are the gift for GROUP Members and so is the fun It's a Dogs Life Clutch. However the Gears bracelets are for NON group members.