Wednesday, December 13, 2017

About Peace on Earth hunting, Advent Gifts and lovely jewelry

Good Morning Readers!
Today a blog with bits of this and bits of that. I did some hunting in the Peace on Earth Hunt. It is a great hunt but 297 stores to visit and search is a bit much. There is a HINT AND LINK page available where you can pick the stores you want to go to to find that lovely blue globe Earth. The gifts are free and the hunt runs till December 31st.
I also went to my regular Advent Calendars, but I can not post all today, the rest will follow later.

With all outfits today I am using Chant Omega appliers by 7 Deadly s[K]ins in the mid tone pineapple. These appliers are available at Winter Trend till December 22nd. Not only in pineapple but in several beautiful skin tones, ranging from very light to a warm dark tone.

So let me start with the Peace On Earth hunt.
Well I landed at Munereia and I found that blue globe there! They are #28 in the hunt, so look at the hint and I am sure you will find this globe.
Inside you will find this gorgeous Peacefully gown as a gift!

The gorgeous hair I am wearing today is by Truth and it is their Montana hair, which comes with a cowboy hat, but as you can see you can also wear it without hat. A styling HUD is included, which gives you the option to wear the hair in different styles.

The elegant shoes are by MODA and they are a group gift. The group is 500 L$ to join but they have 14 group gifts, one of these group gifts is a 500 L$ gift card. They are Christmas shoes, and come with a colour change HUD with red, green, gold and silver options.

I just LOVE LOVE the cute Littelest Angel jewelry by Zuri Rayna Jewelry. It is so cute and so lovely. It makes me smile and the set is wearable with a gorgeous gown but it will also look great on a silk blouse or even with a sweater!
It's also a great Christmas gift for your friends or guys: for your loved one!
Then I went to Whymsical Marketplace which is an inworld store. They are also participating in the Peace on Earth hunt and if you can find that blue globe there this beautiful Blue Christmas gown is yours!
They are #102 in this Peace on Earth hunt!
And MOoH! has this very elegant Debbie outfit as a gift hidden inside their Earth Globe. You get these sexy black pants and a surprising long tail jacket to go with them. MOoH! is #6 in this hunt, so find the hint and go get this globe if you want to look this sophisticated at Christmas.

With this outfit I am wearing another gift from the Peace on Earth hunt, a breathtaking jewelry set called Noelani. If you go hunting at #52 Beloved Jewelry and you can find the hunt globe there you can shine this Christmas!
This set comes with a colour change HUD which gives you several metal and gem options.
Over to the Advent Calendars. Due to my health problems I am running behind, but at Entice the previous missed gifts can be bought for just 25 L$. And if you do not have a group slot left you can buy them for 25 L$. However if you join the free to join group, the gifts are free on the day they are opened.
So for day #10 and day #11 you can get the fun Sober top and legging.
And on day #13 - which is today - this sexy Smack that Lingerie set in a beautiful brown shade is free if you are in the group - or it is 25 L$ if you are NOT in the group. At Entice.