Sunday, August 13, 2017

Some days are diamonds, some days are stone...

Hi there Readers, Happy Sunday!
Today I am having a stone day...but there is still a blog. Not with stones though, with little diamonds I found all over Second Life.
Where to start? Hmmm Entice has a lovely new release at their store, this gorgeous Spirit Indestructible dress. Nelly Furtado sang a song that's called that way, you can listen to it HERE. This lovely dress fits Maitreya, Slink (Physique, Hourglass), Belleza (Freya, Isis, Venus), Classic Fitted, and comes in 5 Standard Sizes. There are 8 colours to choose from, they are 99 L$ each. But of you go for the fat pack you pay just 349 L$ and you get 2 great bonus colours!
I am using skin appliers from the new August group gift by 7 Deadly S[k]ins are 31 apples to pick, one each day, for group members only! The group is just 100 L$ to join for  the time being. The applier I am wearing is from day #13 Babet Omega HEAD appliers in 5 skin tones, with and without freckles. If you missed a gift you can BUY it for 99 L$, which is still a steal for these appliers! In each apple is also a MALE gift.
The fun hair is Alana by Phoenix hair. The Phoenix group has a 99 L$ enrollment fee but they have several group gifts available and this hair is from the 8 group lucky chairs you can find on the upstairs floor at the store. The hairs all come with a large colour change HUD which gives you many options.
My next finds are all from the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till August 19th and nothing at the Designer Circle is over 200 L$, so you won't break the bank shopping there!
Have Unequal has these lovely Vianna dresses in a plain and a lace version on offer there. They fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink, and they are 199 L$ per set. You get a lace and a plain dress in one buy. There is a necklace included, which is not shown on my pictures.
If you like to get the matching panties, they are 149 L$ per set of 2. There are 5 colours to choose from.
The colour change sun glasses are also on offer at the Designer Circle. They are by CNZ and they are called Precious Trellis sunglasses. A colour change HUD with 10 amazing colours is included. For 175 L$ they are yours.
The amazing jewelry set is by Indulge Temptation. It is called Luxury jewelry set and the necklace and earring & bracelets are sold separate. They all come with a colour change HUD which gives you 10 metal options and 8 gem options.
Then I saw the 2 offers by Furtacor and they just are way different than what I usually wear. You can find both offers at the Designer Circle for 174 L$ each.
Let me start with the Anita set. sexy bra, even sexier harness top, panties, net stockings, panties and leather bracelets are all includes, as well as awesome thigh high boots. A huge colour change HUD which changes each part of this outfit separate, so you can mix & match all you like is also included. This outfit fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.
Showing you just a few possibilities below.
By the way, the condoms packages are also included.
And this set is also by Furtacor and it is called Gretchen. This set comes with the top. panties, net stockings, shoes, leg warmers, and a colour change HUD with many options.
I played around with the HUD a bit, but there are many more options to wear this set, as each part of it can be coloured separate.
My last find for today is by Sinfully Sweet. This sexy Embrace me dress is just 200 L$ and it fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. You can find it at the Designer Circle.
The beautiful bracelets are by Indulge Temptation. They are called Femkant bracelets and they come with a colour change HUD which gives you 10 metal options and 8 gem options.