Sunday, August 6, 2017

Scandalize group gifts and a new round for the Designer Circle

Happy Sunday Readers!
The #160 round of the Designer Circle is going to start today at 2 pm SLT. And I am going to show you more group gifts by Scandalize. The Scandalize group has an enrollment fee of 100 L$ but they have 60 group gifts for the time being...amongst them a lovely sexy high low dress and some more goodies.
So let me start with the Designer Circle and WellMade who has this awesome Elana body suit on offer there. This suit fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and they come in fitmesh sizes so they also fit system avatars. For just 120 L$ a colour change HUD is included which gives you 20 colour options and 5 prints!
With this Elana body suit I am wearing a gorgeous necklace called Pearliffic is a gift by Indulge Temptation at the Aloha Fair. A colour change HUD is included.
I am using skin appliers from the new August group gift by 7 Deadly S[k]ins are 31 apples to pick, one each day, for group members only! The group is just 100 L$ to join for  the time being. The applier I am wearing is from day #5 October Omega HEAD appliers in 5 skin tones. If you missed a gift you can BUY it for 99 L$, which is still a steal for these appliers! In each apple is also a MALE gift.
Last but not least: the lovely hair is by Phoenix and it is from their group lucky chairs. The Phoenix group is 99 L$ to join but there are 8 group lucky boards and several group gifts available.
The more than gorgeous nails I am wearing are also on offer at the Designer Circle. These FrenchLuna mesh nails come with a HUD that allows you to wear them on Tonic, Slink, Vista, Maitreya and Tuty's hands and the HUD has 10 colour options. They are on offer by SlackGirl and for just 200 L$ these nails are yours.
My next outfits are all group gifts by Scandalize. The Scandalize group has an enrollment fee of 100 L$ but they have 60 group gifts for the time being. So what did I find there? This lovely Kenai dress comes with a colour change HUD which gives you 10 colours to choose from. You get a long and a short version of this dress. It fits ONLY MAITREYA!
The Ainara heels are also a group gift and they fit Maitreya high feet. A colour change HUD with 10 options for the shoe and 10 for the sole is included.
The lovely Orbit bracelets are by RealEvil Industries. They come with a necklace and a colour change HUD which gives you 3 metal and 3 pearl options. The set is free on Marketplace.
The cute hair I am wearing is Ariel by Firelight, which is a short wavy style. She comes in both rigged and unrigged, and the unrigged has a resizer. As usual, there are 12 shades on each color set HUD. 6 Color sets are on sale this weekend for only 99L, 3 at Rhoda and 3 at the main store on flawless.
The skin appliers I am using below are Calamity in pineapple tone by 7 Deadly S[k]ins.
This next dress is again a group gift by Scandalize. It is called Nerea and this dress comes in 16 colours (no HUD) and it fits MAITREYA ONLY.
With this dress I am wearing another group gift: awesome BIZ hoops in silver or gold.
The Amara jewelry set in gold (choker and bracelets) is yet an other group gift by Scandalize.
The Graci heels come with a colour change HUD and they are also a group gift at Scandalize. Graci fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. The HUD changes the colour of the heels and the flowers on the heels.
It gets a little boring because the next top and skirt both are group gifts by Scandalize. The top is called Shey bra and it fits Maitreya, Slink and Belleza. A colour change HUD with 10 colours is include.
The cute dress comes in just one colour can it is called Revlu. It fits Maityreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP.
The cute hair is called Epsilon and I am wearing the light reds version. It comes with a colour change HUD and it is in the newest Freeball at Analog Dog. At the landing point fly UP and look for the beach area. The freeball is there, filled with different hairs.