Monday, August 21, 2017

Gorgeous Gown Galore Part 2.

Yes readers, more gowns today....if you are not a gown girl, sorry for that.
But I found so many gowns that I will fill another blog post with them today.
With the exception of a sexy Jane (the one from Tarzan) gift which I found at Redeux. This event closes TODAY on the 21st, so hurry if you still want to pick up the great gifts you can find there, get the new releases, or play the Gachas there.
So...what skin appliers am I using today? With the first gowns I am wearing Anise in pineapple tone by 7 Deadly S[k]ins. With the  Legendaire group gifts I am wearing Jara in pineapple. These appliers are the gift for day #17 in the new August group gift by 7 Deadly S[k]ins which are 31 apples to pick, one each day, for group members only! The group is just 100 L$ to join for  the time being. If you missed a gift you can BUY it for 99 L$, which is still a steal for these awesome gifts, ranging from system skins to Omega, Lelutka and other appliers. In each apple is also a MALE gift.
And last but not least I am wearing Blair appliers in pineapple with the Redeux gifts, which you can find in apple #21.
I am also wearing Anise Omega appliers in pineapple tone which are a new arrival at 7 Deadly S[k]ins.
AlaskaMetro has some awesome freckle and (nose) blush appliers in 3 versions, and in 2 tones for just 75 L$ and they work for MESH and BENTO heads! I am showing you them below and you can find them high up the wall HERE.
The gorgeous lipsticks are by DS'Elles and they are a gift at Redeux. They work for Catwa (Bento) heads.
The lovely hair styles I am wearing today are Lisette (the long curly hair) and Briony (the up do) by Truth Hair.
So the first gowns....well I found them on Marketplace. These gorgeous gowns are by Sugar, I found a red one and a lovely pink one. Each one is 1 L$, and they come in Fitmesh sizes.
This first pink gown by Sugar is just lovely. For 1 L$ you can't go wrong!
With this beautiful gown I am wearing Teardrops earrings and a headpiece by Zuri Rayna Jewelry in Ruby - black. There are several colours available from this new release, it goes great with all gowns you want to wear!
The poses with Champagne are by Icons of Style, the bottles and glasses are included.
And this is the second gown by Sugar which I found for 1 L$ on Marketplace. This gown also comes in Fitmesh layers.
The poses with Clutch are again by Icons of Style, the clutch in black or white is included.
Then the Legendaire group gifts. Their group is FREE TO JOIN at the moment and there are about 60 great group gifts available, ranging from gowns, beach dresses, lingerie, shoes to cute dresses.
So this lovely Essena gown and the Connie shoes I am wearing below are group gifts there. The shoes fit Slink high feet and they come in gold, silver and black, and a pair with a colour change HUD with 10 colour options.
The lovely Essena gown comes in mesh sizes and with a colour change HUD with 3 lovely options.
The beautiful jewelry set is again by Zuri Rayna Jewelry and this one is called Samantha Garnet - Black set. A gorgeous necklace, with matching earrings and a beautiful elegant style.
Last one for today are the gifts from Redeux. You will need to join their free to join group and you will have to do it TODAY because it is the last day for this event today. This Cordelia gown is by Viki. It is their gift.
The lovely heels are by The awesome new Lana Laced heels by MODA will go great with this gown and any other gown you like to wear. They are a new release and come with a huge colour change HUD which changes each part of the heels separate.
And this sexy Sansa outfit is the gift by Broken Style (now Infinity) at Redeux.
Fallen Gods Inc has this FAF tattoo and the gorgeous Pi tattoo as a gift at Redeux.