Tuesday, July 18, 2017

SN@tch those FREE gifts!

Maintenance Tuesday today Readers, so I am going to give you some great gifts to SN@TCH from the lucky boards there. No teleporting around, just standing there for a while, at those 8 Lucky boards and the Fortune Teller game which you can play too without a group.
If you find a 100% connection with another person you get awesome sneakers with a huge HUD.
There is also a Lucky Dip which gives you zombie stuff, bloody axes and machetes but also lovely bracelets, fairy tiaras, rugs...just fun stuff. 
So I stood a while at those boards at SN@TCH and what did I get there?
I got these fun stretch latex Bomber pants from the lucky boards. They come as Omega appliers and they give you 8 colour options to wear.
With these pants I am wearing  the cute flower Kendall tops which are also a gift from the lucky boards. You get 8 colours of this top. They come in 5 mesh sizes.
For a more touch look I decided to wear the Street Hi tops which I got from the lucky Fortune teller. They come with a colour change HUD which gives you 20 options fro the leather and 20 for the laces. They did not fit my Slink flat feet, so I took the feet off. 
The Galaxy ring and necklace are from the lucky dip.
The beautiful skin appliers are Reina Freckled in pineapple tone, which you can find at 7 Deadly S[k]ins. Can't help it. I love freckles :)
The gorgeous eyes are Charm eyes in Abyss colour and they are by Ikon.
And the elegant hair is called Taja and it is hair by Truth.
Below I am wearing Bomb Baby crop tops, which come in 5 mesh sizes and 8 colours. A sexy black body suit is added as a bonus (stars not included)! These tops are also from the lucky boards!
the cute skirt is from Marketplace and it is by FAX. It is just 1 L$ and it fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, E-body and Tonic.
The gorgeous Sunshine bracelet is from the lucky dip at SN@TCH.
The same skirt goes great with the Zipper Knee socks and the Trinka crochet tops in dark, which both are gifts from the lucky boards at SN@TCH. The Zipper knee socks come as Omega applier and also as system avatar layers, in no less than 12 colours.
The Trinka Crochet tops also come in an Omega applier, but also in system layers. You get 10 colour options.
Last gift from the Lucky Boards at SN@TCH are these awesome Ikara swim suits, which are sooooo much fun to wear!
They come in an Omega or a Slink Physique applier and also in system avatar layers. You get a choice of 9 fun summer colours and they are a bit naughty....the stars are NOT included.