Sunday, July 23, 2017

Addams time!

Happy Sunday Readers!
Today I am just showing you elegant, fun, sexy and high quality design by Addams. I am also showing you some of their great group gifts (the Addams group is 19 L$ to join).
So just one store to visit on this lazy Sunday!
Unless of course you want to get those awesome Mali skin appliers by 7 Deadly S[k]ins which I am wearing on my blog today. I choose the pineapple freckled version, but these appliers come in many great skin tones, with and without freckles. In that case you have to teleport to 7 Deadly S[k]ins too.
And for the hairs I am wearing you have to teleport to either Truth hair or Firelight.
So what did I find at Addams? I found these sexy Rubberised Luna pants which come in many great colours. That is one of the best features at Addams they bring out their designs in so many colours which all can be mixed and matched!
I matched these great Luna pants with a lovely sleeveless turtleneck shirt in yellow/brown stripes and with a really gorgeous Abby leather jacket which also comes in many colours. The pants, jacket and shirt are each 199 L$.
The Rickia heels are also by Addams and they are 100 L$. They fit Maitreya, Slink and Belleza.
The long necklace with heart is the Heart to Heart set by Lazuri. This set is completely colour change by touch which means when you touch it you can change the metal, the gems and the pearls into many options.
The Tori hair I am wearing comes with a STYLING HUD which gives you the option to wear it all back, over one or the other shoulder, or over both shoulders. It is the July VIP group gift by Truth hair, the VIP group is 350 L$ to join but you get a free fat pack of hair each month.
A perfect outfit to walk my Jian dog for a while. This dog is from one of the gachas at Jian, each try is 50 L$.
Then I got a really cute Jimena skirt by Addams and awesome Helene Tall boots with colour change HUD, also by Addams and you get a whole different look while using the same top!
The lovely bangles are from Marketplace. They are by [E.C.] jeweler and they are 1 L$. Yopu get a fat pack of 10 colours.
The Rubberised Luna pants can be styled in a way different style too, when you add this elegant Tina classic shirt with bra by Addams. I choose the dark blue version but with another colour you get a way different look!
The Ruth Back pack and the gloves (you wear them without your mesh or bento hands) are a group gift by Addams.
And the Prudence Penny loafers are a new release by MODA. These shoes fit Maitreya Slink and Belleza and they come with a huge colour change HUD which changes each part of the shoes separate.
The gorgeous hair is by Firelight from their Steals & Deals. It is called Gallaxy - essentials HUD. Three shades are on sale at the Firelight mainstore for 99L: blacks, browns, reds. Three shades are on sale at the Rhoda store for 99L: Blonds, Essentials and Pastels.
The hair looks also great with the very sexy Queen metal dresses by Addams.
And the perfect Janet platform heels by GOS boutique are going so well with this dress! A HUD is included to change the soles and the metal of the shoes. They fit Maitreya, Slink and system avatars. These shoes are a generous gift at the Epiphany Event.
Now if you like the Ruth backpack above: Addams has another great backpack as a group gift. This backpack comes with a colour change HUD in 6 leather tones, and you can change the buttons and pins on the backpack. There is also an option with or without keys.
And for that tough look the Cat glasses are perfect. They are a group gift by Addams and they come with a colour change HUD which changes the glasses and the frame separate. They can be worn on your nose but also up in your hair.
Showing you a few options below.
The lovely hair is Ophilia hair by Firelight which you can find at the Designer Circle. Their current #159 round starts at 2 pm SLT.
Last find for today is another version of those awesome Abby leather jackets. This time styled with a beautiful ruched dress called Donatella. Both are by Addams and both come in many beautiful colours. Each one is 199 L$. 
The Donatella dress has the option to wear it with ot without the lovely lace trim.
The silver necklace if from the 8 lucky boards at Sn@tch. You do not need a group to click these boards.