Saturday, December 10, 2016

The right time to get inventory problems.

Morning Readers!
Usually I do not share my problems with you, but today my Second Life decided to make my day by not loading my inventory and by not saving the few pictures I could take right. So I had a lot of fun getting this bog ready and it is not quite up to the standard you are used from me. Sorry for that!
Hopefully Second Life will be kinder to me tomorrow :)
But here is what I got for you.
The Winter Trend started and this event runs till December 23rd.
Indulge Temptation has some awesome hair there for just 150 L$. The hairs come in 4 versions: Helen, Sabrina, Monique and Miranda. Each hair type comes in many colours and each colour is 150 L$. Each colour pack has 10 or 12 colour types. I am showing you a few options of each hair style below.
I am wearing the Davina Oak skin by 7 Deafly S[K]ins today on my blog (Omega and Catwa appliers).
The captivating eyes are by Mesange and you can find these River eyes at the Designer Circle in 5 beautiful tones. I am wearing #14 below.
This is Miranda hair.
This is Sabrina hair. Sabrina comes in 2 versions, over one shoulder (Sabrina 1)or over both shoulders (Sabrina 2).
This is Monique hair.
This is Helen hair.
With this lovely Helen hair I am wearing alluring make up by SlackGirl called Goldie Make up. This Goldie make up comes with HUDS for all mesh heads and for system avatars. Each set is 180 L$. You can find this make up at the Designer Circle. Little golden spikes just below the eyes are included (not shown).
I am of course going to tell you what I am wearing with these fun hair styles.
The red lingerie is part of the Lust outfits by Chic Princess. These sexy outfits are available at the Designer Circle for 149 L$. You get the lingerie, which you can wear separate, and the skinny jeans and off shoulder top. This outfit fits TMP, Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, E-Body, Tonic and system avatars. A colour change HUD for the outfit and for the lingerie is included.
The sexy fringed heels are called Cochetta and they are from the Midnight Mania board at MODA. They come with a huge colour change HUD which changes every part of the shoe separate. You do not need a group to click this board, the gifts change often, so you might find other awesome heels there. There are also 2 NON group lucky chairs and several gifts next to the Midnight Mania board.
Chic Princess has another great offer at the Designer Circle: these lovely Lalie laced short sweaters. They come with a colour change HUD which changes the top and the laces separate and for just 100 L$ they are yours !
With these sweaters I am wearing a pair of Frog shorts, which are a group gift at Gaall. The Gaall group is free to join and they have plenty group gifts available. I blogged them HERE and HERE.
The alluring Tracy leg jewels are by Supernatural and they are available at the  Designer Circle in 4 versions (black, gold, silver and copper) for 90 L$ per colour. 
The black outfit I am wearing with the hair above is from the Fitmesh Design Expose. It is by Fashion World and it is called Secret. This sexy leather jacket & skirt set comes in 6 colours and each one is just 130 L$. WoW You can look this sexy with such a low budget!
Now it's getting colder here and the warm winter scarfs NS has on offer go great with this Secret outfit! The scarfs come with a colour change HUD which gives you 12 colour options!
My last find for today is by Entice and it is their #10 gift of the Advent Calendar. This calendar is free for Entice group members and the group is free to join. If you miss a day or if you do not have a group slot left you can also buy the gifts each day for 25 L$.
This lovely Rain over me dress comes with a colour change HUD which gives you 3 options to wear it.
The Lotus Set jewelry is by Indulge Temptation and you can find this set in 3 versions at the Be Beauty Event. The necklace is sold separate from the earrings & bracelets set, all come with a colour change HUD which gives you 10 metal choices and 8 bead choices. The necklace is 99 L$ and so is the earrings &bracelet set.
And the hair is Briony hair by Truth.

The beautiful heels are called Pamela tipped heels and they are free at MODA. They fit Slink High feet and you can find them, including a huge colour change HUD at the Sales Building. Look at the floor at the landing point to find this building.