Saturday, December 17, 2016

Chop chop go get the advent presents!

Happy Saturday Readers!
Today on my blog gifts from several advent calendars and one hunt gift in the Peace On Earth hunt, so basically everything is free on my blog today. You just need to be in some (paid) groups to get all the goodies.
Let me start with the Peace on Earth hunt. This year there is no hint & link page, so you have to look for a hint giver at the store. This hunt runs till December 31st and you are looking for a bleu globe (Earth).
I landed at Always Designs and I can give you a hint: look for the guitar case and examine it closely!
If you can find that globe this lovely gown in 4 colours is yours! The perfect jewelry and the shoes for Slink high, Maitreya and Belleza are included.
The skin I am wearing today is by 7 Deadly S[K]ins. This skin is called Davina and it comes in several skin tones, and appliers for mesh bodies and heads are available too. I am wearing the oak version.
The captivating eyes are by Mesange. They are called Taiga and you can find these eyes at the Winter Trend event. They come with a special HUD which is sooooo easy to use, you won't believe it!

The hair I am wearing is by Truth and it is called Briony.
Now if you like different jewelry...go click the Advent Calendar at Chop Zuey. You have to join their group which has a 350 L$ enrollment fee, but the gifts are awesome!
However to the left of the advent calendar are free gifts for everyone, earrings, necklace, lovely jewelry sets. I blogged the FREE gifts HERE.
The captivating eyes are by Mesange and they are their River eyes #14.
Day #2: ThunderHawk set - colour change by HUD.
Day #3: beige Pearl head band.

Day #4 Love Knot silver heart set.
The next advent gifts are by Glitter and to click the calendar you will need the free to join Glitter group. Previous gifts are still available.
This is the gift for day #15, a lovely long white coats (includes the hair).
And Entice has also a free to join Entice group, which you will need to click their advent calendar.
If you missed one or more gifts or if you don't have a group slot left you can buy the gifts for 25 L$ each.
This is the gift for day #17 the Talking Body dress. 
The lovely jewelry is by Indulge Temptation, it is their Oriental Delight set which comes with a colour change HUD with 10 metal options and 8 bead options.
The lovely hair is also by Indulge Temptation and it is their Gacha item. The hair is called Sia and it comes in many colours can find the Gachas at {Pretty Things} and each try is 50 L$.
The next gift is also by Entice and it is their day #18 gift: All I wanna do outfit!
The cute Tip Toe sneakers are by Tooty Fruity and they fit Slink High. They are 99 L$ per pair and there are many to choose from.
My last finds are ALL from the Advent Calendar at Purple Moon. You will need to join the Purple Moon group which has an enrollment fee of 50 L$, but the gifts are not to miss. Previous gifts are still available.
Day #9: necklace, day #10 bracelets & earrings, day #11 Dora top, day #12 panties.
The poses I am using in these pictures are by Chaotic Creative. They are offering several sets of 3 poses at the Cart Sale at The Wash. I am using Melissa poses and  Phoebe poses and each of these pose packs is just 10 L$
Day #13 red dress, day #14 ring.
The elegant heels are by MODA and they are called Lara heels. They come with a large colour change HUD and they were a Midnight Mania board gift, however the board changes often and you might find other awesome heels there. No group needed to click this board.
The poses are by Chaotic Creative. They are offering several sets of 3 poses at the Cart Sale at The Wash. I am using Karen poses and Lydia poses and each of these pose packs is just 10 L$