Monday, December 5, 2016

New round of the Designer Circle and oh oh oh those advent calendars!

Hi there Readers!
No blog yesterday, so sorry, but my health is more important at this moment.
However today is a better day, a new round of the Designer Circle started, their #144 round which runs till December 17th.
And I went to pick up the gifts from several advent calendars, and there are really nice gifts to get!
Well let me start with the Designer Circle because the skin I am wearing today is on offer there. This skin is by 7 Deadly S[K]ins and it is called Vision. This skin is just 199 L$ and you get 3 Omega face appliers in 3 skin tones (walnut, oak and taupe) and there are also 3 Omega body appliers included. The skins are appliers only, so not fit for system avatars.
The lovely eyes I am wearing are by Mesange, they are their Arabian Nights eyes #8.
And the fun hair I am wearing is by Truth and it is called Sugar. You get a fat pack of this hair being a member of the Truth VIP group, but joining is 265 L$.
The Chunky necklace is by Indulge Temptations and you can find it at the Color Me Project where it is 50% discounted and you can buy it for 75 L$. A colour change HUD is included which gives you 10 metal options.
The Hyper hoops are also by Indulge Temptations and they are available at the Be Beauty Event as a GIFT! Look for the red gift box at their vendor.
With this lovely skin and jewelry I am wearing the cute Alyssa dresses LX Essentials has on offer at the Designer Circle. These dresses come in sets of 2 colours, and there are 4 sets to choose from. Each set is 130 L$ and I love the greens, perfect for this December month! And they go great with red hair!
Talking about dresses that are perfect for December: MOoH! has these beautiful Jessica dresses on offer at the Designer Circle in 4 versions: velvet royal, velvet pastel, velvet brights and a sequin version. Each version comes with a colour change HUD, the VELVET version HUD gives you 6 colours to choose from, the Sequin version has 4 colour options. Each of these dresses is 99 L$ and I am showing you the Velvet Royal version and the Sequin version below.
The lovely necklace, earrings and bracelet set is by Zuri Rayna Jewels. This lovely set is called French Kiss and the set comes in many beautiful colours. I am wearing the Diamond/Amber version today.
The clutch and the poses with clutch are by Icons of Style. The clutch is in 2 colours included with the poses.
The Advent Calendars at Entice or Moondance Boutique are not to miss ladies! For the Entice calendar you will need a free to join group, and if you do not have a group slot left or you missed one or two days, you can buy the gifts for 25 L$.
For the Moondance Boutique calendar you will need to be in their group which has a 50 L$ enrollment fee.
Let me show you what I found at Moondance Boutique. These lovely Lotus necklace and stud earrings are from the advent calendar (separate).
This elegant colour change Guardian set (which also has a male version inside) is the hunt gift in the Peace on Earth hunt 9 (you can find a HINT & LINK note at this landing point HERE) in which you are looking for a blue globe at Moondance Boutique. The set is colour change by touch, and it has a long and a short necklace inside, a tiara, long and short earrings, rings and bracelets.
There is also a sim wide hunt going on at Moondance Boutique called the Comhar Holidaze hunt. In this hunt you are looking for an orange candle, there are 2 hidden in the store. ONE has this lovely Krissy set inside which is also colour change by touch.
This lovely Make Me dress in emerald is the Advent Calendar gift at Entice for day #6, which is tomorrow!