Thursday, October 15, 2015

Newness at the SWANK event

Morning Readers!
Today on my blog newness from the SWANK Event. You can find a lot of awesome designs there by great designers, but also bargains and freebies!
So let me start with the lovely Charlize skins WoW skins has on offer at the SWANK Event. This set of 5 skin tones is just 300 L$ which is a steal for 5 lovely skins! There is also a package with 6 lipstick layers available for 200 L$ and a set of 4 great eyeliners as a free gift. All by WoW skins.
The lovely hair is the subscribo gift by Truth hair and you get a fat pack of this beautiful hair for free.
The FRECKLE LAYERS are not included in the skins!
My friend Hannah from DMZ is also participating in the SWANK Event and she has a lovely sweater as a gift there (not shown). She also has these elegant Cozette dresses in 2 colours on offer there. Aren't they perfect for Fall?
The next outfit is also on offer at the SWANK Event by DMZ and it is called Regina in maple. You can buy all parts separate, pants, jacket and vest. The detailing is amazing!
Over to some gifts I found at the SWANK Event. This lovely make up is a gift by Ever 'n Angel.
And this lovely Tiara is a gift by Zuri's Jewels.
This fun Halloween jacket is a gift by Hawkers House and it is called Ladies Boyfriend jacket with tee.
My last find is this Cobweb top by Paisly Daisy and you can find all these gifts at the SWANK Event.