Friday, October 2, 2015

Group gifts, Hunt gifts and Lucky Chair gifts

Morning Readers!
Today on my blog many gifts, from lucky chairs at Brii Underground, hunt gifts from B!asta and a group gift from B!asta. And lovely free hair from the Subscribo group at Truth hair. By the way: Truth has a great sale in the back room: Many lovely hair styles for just 50 L$ per set of 5 hair tones! Don't miss out on that!
And for the lovely fat pack of Truth Essena  hair: click JOIN at the subscribo. If you are already in the Subscribo group and you didn't get the hair: leave the group and join again. The hair will be delivered.
I am wearing the lovely Susse skin by WoW skins on my blog today with the Essena hair. The skin I am wearing is Susse Darktan - cleavage option with a red lipstick layer. The skin is part of a complete avatar. You can read all about it and see what is included HERE. The Susse avatar is only available at the SWANK EVENT for 350 L$.
Now what am I wearing today? This first dress is called Gentle Heart and it is by B!asta. This is an exclusive release for Rock Your Rack. The dress in the "Rose" color is a 100 % donation for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. All colors are exclusively available at RYR. Not free, but you are supporting a very good cause.
The lovely shoes are called Imagination and they are a new release at B!asta. However the beige version is a gift in the Enmeshed into Fall Hunt at B!asta.
There are some more hunts going on at B!asta. The next dress is a gift in the Autumn Effect Hunt and it is free...This hunt runs till October 15th and there are 79 stores to visit.
And this lovely Just in Time dress is the newest group gift at B!asta. Joining their group is 50 L$. The elegant Jeepers Peepers boots are the gift by B!asta in the Twisted hunt. You are looking for a rotating cube in this hunt. The hunt runs till October 19th and the gifts are free.
Over to Brii Underground. They have a 9 lucky chairs and there is NO group needed for these chairs. I was so lucky to win quite a lot there, so why not try your luck too ladies?
Below is what I got. The lipsticks, sun glasses, hair flower, red ring and shoes shown are included with the outfits. The shoes are for SLINK high feet. The bottom shoes with the red gown are for system feet.
There is a Halloween hunt going on at Brii Underground at the moment and you are looking for 10 cupcakes at the store. I will show you the hunt gifts later.