Monday, October 26, 2015

A skin, and lots of free outfits...

Morning Readers!
Today I will start with an awesome skin offer by WoW skins. The lovely Erica skin in tan is on offer at the Pixra event for just 99 L$. A brow shape and LNL Omega appliers are included! Don't miss out on this awesome offer.
The fun hair is by Lelutka and it is called Megan. You get a free colour sample pack of this hair in all colours. The hair is totally wearable, no strange DEMO signs or stuff in the hair. This colour sample is on a small table at the store.
Then I went to Precious Designs. They have 2 Midnight Mania boards, 6 lucky boards, 5 mini mania boards and a gift for SLF&O group members. Below are 2 outfits I got from their Midnight Mania boards. Both come with a colour change HUD.
Over to Marketplace, one of my favorite places to shop. If you do not know how to do a search there I will explain.
First in the search bar you type what you are looking for, for example a dress in red. Then followed by NOT (mind the caps) demo. The NOT in caps will rule out what is behind it. You can add more, like NOT DEMO. So if you are looking for a red dress and you want to rule out at least some demo's type: red dress NOT demo, NOT FDEMO, NOT D+E+M+O and then hit enter.
You will get a lot of results. Now go to the left and chose for your wanted price 0-0 L$ to see all the free stuff.
Now what did I get there?
I got this fun Carola skirt by Addams. This skirt is free and it comes with a HUD to change the colour of the belt into 8 colours. The cropped top is also by Addams and there is a HUD included which changes the colour in every imaginable colour you can think of. I changed the top to the colours of the belt from the Carola skirt. This top is also totally free.
Then I got this sexy dress by LUT, which is called Miss Sneake. The SLINK high shoes are included and this dress is free.
The next dress is by Chic Princess and this summery beach dress is again totally free.
I bet you like to wear pants or leggings too? Well I do and I found a few on Marketplace I could not resist. These first jeans are by Exile and they are 1 L$. The top I am wearing with these jeans is by Vitrimi and these tops come in a pack of 3 gorgeous textures. 1 L$ for this pack. The shoes are for SLINK high feet and they are by Haya's. These shoes are free.
I am wearing the black blouse with the Hipster leggings I found on Marketplace by Van Luck. These leggings are free, but not all of us like to walk around with Van Luck on our behinds...