Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jewellery and free gowns, ready to go out?

Morning Readers!
Just for your information: I am doing much better. And because of that I will take a short vacation break. So the next days there won't be a blog...sorry.
But today and tomorrow there will be one, so here is what you will find on my blog today.
Lovely group gifts by Finesmith, Paris Metro and Jinx. And 2 Midnight Mania gifts by Jinx. A lovely tote bag by Masoom. And all is free. Except for a lovey new release by Paris Metro, which is quite expensive, but a beautiful gown.
Let me start with the lovely gown Finesmith has as a group gift. Joining the group is free and there are more group gifts available as you will see below. This elegant gown is called Sweetheart gown and the pink version is free for group members. the beautiful cascading necklace is included.
The rest of the group gifts can be found here Finesmith.
Over to Paris Metro. My dear friend Sue told me they have these awesome golden shoes as a group gift and I hadn't been to the Paris Metro store in a long time, so she took me there and showed me the shoes. The group is free to join.
Then Sue also showed me the newest group gifts by Paris Metro, a lovely blue gown called The Sea Ultramarine, and a beautiful cocktail dress called Bouquet D'Amour. Both can be found up stairs.
The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri and it is from their Viva la Diva set (not free).
The hair I am wearing is called Ivy and it is a group gift by Entwined. The group is free to join. You get a fat pack of this lovely long hair.
Paris Metro also has a new release, this great Silver Sky gown is brand new and NOT free. But a great sexy gown to own!
Then I went to Jinx. The lovely white mesh dress is the newest group gift by Jinx and the group is free to join. The red outfit, including the SLINK HIGH shoes is also a group gift.  In their other JINX store is a Midnight Mania board and a lucky chair and I got a lovely outfit from there too. The boards and gifts change so you might find something else.
The jewellery I am wearing is by Lazuri, from their Viva la Diva set and from their Cocoa Island set (NOT free).
The fun tote bag is a gift by Masoom at the Festival of Sin and it is free.
Then I spend my last 100 L$ gift card from the Midnight Mania board at JLZ on this cute 50 Shades dress. The gifts on the Midnight Mania board change often so you might find something else there.
The jewellery is by Lazuri and it is from their Cocoa Island set. (NOT free).