Sunday, September 27, 2015

Elegant yet Sexy too

Morning Readers!
Today on my blog some really sexy outfits and some really elegant ones too. The Designer Circle has some great sexy and elegant offers this round. The current round runs till October 3rd and nothing at the Designer Circle is over 200 L$.
So what did I find there? This elegant dress in teal is called Lina and it is on offer at the Designer Circle by A Piece of Chic. The dress is just 88 L$ and there are matching shoes available too. The shoes are called Fany blue sandals and they are 88 L$ too.
The skin I am wearing is part f a complete avatar which is on offer by WoW skins at the SWANK event. I blogged it HERE. This Susse avatar is just 350 L$ and it is only available at the SWANK event.
The lovely hair I am wearing is Angel by Besom. It is on the Besom Midnight Mania board and you get a fat pack if the board closes. You need to be in the Besom group to click this board and joining this group is free.
The lovely jewellery is a gift in the Womanstuff hunt by #142 Glint. You are looking for a red sculpted tee shirt in this hunt and most hunt gifts are free, but for this one you will have to pay 1 L$. The set is colour change, you can change the gem into many colours.
Then I founds these sexy jeans at the Designer Circle and they are by Loordes of London. The jeans are called A Brit Keck and they come in 5 great colours. Each pair is 80 L$ and they are just to die for.
I paired a gift from the Womanstuff hunt with these jeans, a lovely beige/brown jacket which is hidden inside the red hunt tee shirt at #23 Osito. You only have to find this tee shirt to get this lovely mesh jacket! You can always have a look for a hint at he HINT AND LINK page for this Womanstuff hunt. The hunt runs till September 30th.
The elegant shoes are by VG shoes and you can find them at the Designer circle in 8 different colours for just 120 L$ per pair. You will have to own SLINK high feet though to wear these shoes.
Or you could decide to wear these very sexy tops with the jeans above. They are on offer at the Designer Circle by [CC] Chaos Creations and they are 99 L$ per pack. There are 2 packs to chose from, one with 6 darker tops and one with 6 lighter tops. They come with appliers for the Classic avatar, Maitreya, Belleza and Slink bodies. The stars are NOT included.
The jewellery is again from the Womanstuff hunt and you can find it inside the red tee shirt #142 Glint has hidden at their store. You will have to pay 1 L$ for this shirt. The jewel in this set is colour change.
The lovely hair is a 20.000 member group gift by Besom and it is a fat pack of Milk hair. The group is free to join.
Then I found some really sexy outfits in the Womanstuff hunt tee shirts. First of all a sexy brown dress which is hidden inside the hunt tee shirt at #22 U Refined. If you can find that tee shirt at their store, the dress is yours to wear and the colour is perfect for fall!
I am wearing the #142 Glint jewellery with this dress and I played around with the colour change GEM for a bit to show you what you can do with this set. 1 L$ if you find the red tee shirt.
I didn't take the jewellery off while wearing the hunt dress you can find inside the tee shirt at #76 Sakide. This lovely dress comes with a colour change HUD which changed the dress into 4 different versions. The bodycon dress fits perfectly and I feel so sexy in it!
My last find is the most sexy for today! These sexy silks are yours if you can locate the red hunt tee shirt at #105 Ch's Design. There are golden feet wraps included, but I could not get them to rez ...sorry...Hmmmm....go hunting ladies!