Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Is it all free?

Good question Readers!
Is it all free on my blog today? Well it was. JLZ had a 500 L$ gift card on their Midnight Mania board. And the next day a 100 L$ gift card. The Midnight Mania board is group only but the group is free to join. Below you can see what I got fro my 500 L$. However at the moment there is a lovely ball gown on the Midnight Mania boards.
The beautiful skin I am wearing today is Vanny by WoW skins in darktan with cleavage option. This skin is a new release so NOT free.
The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri and it is from their Viva la Diva set. You can buy this set complete or buy any part separate.
This first dress is the 55 L$ outfit by JLZ (which I paid for with my 500 L$ card). It is called Always the Bridesmaid.
And this dress is the Off the shoulder Tree dress which is 195 L$ (which I paid for with my 500 L$ store card)
This dress is called Spring Floral dress and it is 50 L$. I am wearing it in Fall though.
The next dress is called Floral Summer mini dress and it is a newer version I think of the dress above. This one is MESH. This dress was my last purchase on the 50 L$ card and it is 195 L$.
I joined the JLZ group and got their beautiful group gifts below.
Over to Marketplace. I just came across this beautiful leather Whiplash jacket in red by Poison and this jacket comes in a male and a female version for free.
And my last finds for today are the lovely group gifts Entwined has for us ladies. Their group is free to join and you will get the 2 hair packs below. The hair comes with many HUDS. Just showing you a few options below.