Sunday, July 26, 2015

The right dress with the right shoes and the right jewellery

Gosh readers, I missed those walks along Marketplace a LOT.
So now I am back to blogging again, I decided to have my long missed walk and find some right summer dresses, with the right jewellery and the right shoes. Preferably for free.
Let me know if I succeeded?
So here goes:
This first dress is by Mariposa and it is called Tulip dress. I just love this little pretty dress, and as I said: it is free. Now I just had to find shoes with this dress...oh my. Shoes I haven't blogged before and are still good quality are pretty jhard to find. I decided to wear cute elegant heels by De'vil with this dress. These shoes are for SLINK high feet. The shoes are free.
And then the finishing touch, the jewellery. Oh my this set is just perfect. I found it at AvaWay and it is a complete set with earrings in 2 versions and with 2 necklaces. But....I got it for free. Now it is 300 L$.
Over to Alb, they have this awesome summer boho dress for free on Marketplace! I love those flowing dresses, they give me the ultimate summer feeling! With this dress I am wearing shoes for SLINK high feet. They are by Theonilla and Co and it is a complete set in 7 beautiful colours. The shoes are 1 L$.
Another dress in this boho style is the next one, and this pink dress is by Busenur shop. Perfect for a day or a late evening at the beach!
The shoes are from the same package I blogged above, and this set in 7 colours is free.
The fun cupcake necklace and earrings set is by Shaedy Cakes and this lovely set goes great with this pink dress. It is free. 
The shoes will go gerat with the next dress too. Somehow in my head I remember blogging this dress before, but I could not find it on my blog, so forgive me if I posted it twice. The dress including the summer hat is by Tiffany Designs and it is free.
The next dress is by Antielle and it is called Marine Magique Sunny. It is a Sunny summer dress, very light and elegant. I am wearing silver shoes with this dress and they are by Angel Alphaville. I put them on my SLINK high feet, but they are actually for system feet. They are free, so is the dress.
My next find is this sexy little red sequin dress. This dress is by SS. You can wear this dress as a top too, it will go great with jeans or a pair of dress pants. This fun dress is free.
I am wearing Blackburns Gothic Killer heels with this dress, and they are free. They are for system feet and come with a HUD to change the skin tone.
You could also decide to wear a pair of sexy boots with this dress. I found 2 different boots which will go great with this dress. The first pair is by Deluxe Body factory and they are called L's latex boots. They are free.
The second over knee boots are by Christine Designs and I got them for free, but they are now 39 L$. However you get an array of 6 colours so the price is not reallyu high for such great boots.