Monday, July 20, 2015

Hair Fair 2015

Hi there Readers!
The Hair Fair 2015 runs till July 26th, so you still have some more days to go pick up the great gifts all participants in this fair are giving away in their stores. It is the 10th version of this fair, so the gifts are hidden inside a large #10.
You can find all info about the Hair Fair 2015 HERE.

The fair is on 4 SIMS, Red, Brunette, Black and Blonde. If you decide to go there: go low lag. It means: take off all your scripted items, hair, jewellery, AO (don't turn it off, TAKE it off), shoes, poofers, weapons, pets, mesh attachements, clothing. Go with the standard avatar, wear a plain shirt, a hair base and simple jeans. Or wear a body alpha (you can get it for free).
The lovely skin I am wearing is by WoW skins and this skin is called Mika (darktan - cleavage option). This skin is not free, but a great skin to wear!
WoW skins is having an outlet sale where all skins are just 30 L$. Just take the teleport at the main store.
Now below I will show you mainly the gifts Alli & Ali Hair is giving away on the Hair Fair. Their store can be found on the RED sim (Rhodium) and you will find a huge pack of hair inside their #10. Some hair is for guys. I am showing it anyway, so you can decide wether you want it for your male friends or just want to wear it yourself.
The name of the hairs is in the top right corner of the pictures and all  hair styles come in ONE colour, which is shown.
The landmark link will land you at a landing point on the Red (Rhodium) sim. This is what you do to find the store: Copy the LM from my blog to your nearby chat in SL. Click the LM and chose show on map. A small red arrow will point to the exact spot where the store is. WALK there, or fly, but do not use teleport because you will land at the landing point again.
Not all gifts are HAIR gifts, some are just beautiful add ons to make you look even more attractive.  Adoness for example has a beautiful hair jewel with matching earrings as a gift inside their #10. You can find Adoness on the RED sim (Rhodium).
And Blueberry is also on the RED sim (Rhodium) and they have this lovely head band as a gift for us all.
Thank you all dear Designers for your lovely gifts and most of all thank you for your donations and your lovely new designs.