Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hair Fair 2015 part 5.

Yes readers, part 5 of the Hair Fair 2015 already! There are so many gifts at this fair, and if you decide to buy a new hairstyle, the designers donate part of their sale to Wigs for Kids, so it is really worth to hop over and have a look!
The Hair Fair 2015 runs till Sunday 26th of July, so don't wait too long to go there!
You can find all info about the Hair Fair 2015 HERE.
The lovely skin I am wearing today is Stella, the July group gift by WoW skins. Joining their group is 350 L$ but you get a new skin each month, all previous group gifts are available too and you can click those 18 group Lucky boards and 2 midnight mania bords. Stella comes in 5 skin tones.
At the Hair Fair 2015 I landed at Beusy, which is on the Brunette (Iridium) sim. Inside the #10 at Beusy you will find this awesome Doja hair with many colour change HUDS. I am showing you just a few options below.
And this lovely up do hair is the gift by Besom. The hair is called Soonsiki and you can find it on the Brunette (Iridium) sim. You get the brunette HUD with this hair to change the tone into many different colours.

The next hair is also on the Brunette (Iridium) sim and you can find it in the store of L&N signature design. I just fell for this hair, for all 10 versions of it. I love the streaks and the way it flows. Don't miss out on this great gift ladies!
KiK is also participating in the Hair Fair 2015 and you can find them too on the Brunette (Iridium) sim. This fun "just back from the beach" hair in 2 versions is yours if you hop over there and click that #10 at their store.
Another store on the Brunette (Iridium) sim is the one by Lamb. If you like short hair, go visit their store and click that #10, because inside is this great Bernice hair in 7 colours.
Then walk over to the store of LaLa Moon to get some awesome very eye catching hair. You get 9 colours of this extra ordinary hair, but I don't know how it holds if you go dancing with your friends.
My next find is this sweet up do by Cheveux Hair. You can find it on the Blonde (Platinum) sim.
I hopped over to the Noirette (Osmium) sim to find some more great gifts. EMOtions has a lovely summer gift at their store: a great summer hat with braids in 3 versions. You can wear all braids together, or on one or the other side or on the back. The hair comes with several colour change HUDs so you can adjust the colour to your liking. Hair bases are included.
And  EnVogue has this Inna hair hidden inside their #10 at their store on the Noirette (Osmium) sim.
The next hair is in the #10 at Clawtooth on the Noirette (Osmium) sim. It comes in just one colour, but if you like this Muisty purple hair: go get it!
My last find for today is also on the Noirete (Osmium) sim and you can find this hair inside the #10 at Hommage. You get 2 versions of this hair, a more messy and a less messy version. There are 2 colours of each version available and the hair bases are included.