Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why isn't there a blog today?

Dear Readers,
Today just 2 outfits...2 pajamas by Slumber. They are from their 4 Midnight Mania boards and I will need them the next week...please keep reading. ONE board is NO group, the other 3 are group boards, the group is free to join.
Some of you already know that I had health problems over the last months.

End of September I was diagnosed with cancer. There was a tumor discovered, low in my intestines.
A period of tests and visiting hospitals followed and after that a period of 5 weeks, each day with radiation treatment and chemo.
Now a period of 12 weeks waiting and getting my strenght back comes to an end. In this period the chemo and radiation were still active and both shrank the tumor 25%.

This week I will get surgery and the tumor will be removed.
So it is kinda hard for me to blog as you can understand.

I know I will think of you all a lot in hospital and I hope you will think of me and include me in your prayers, or send me your energy and good wishes.

I hope to be back soon with new energy to blog for you all.

Kind regards,

Roodvosje Rosse