Monday, February 2, 2015

Lots to blog from just 2 stores

Hi Readers,
Making it easy for you today: just 2 places to go to to find ALl items on my blog today. Mondays are not my favorite days so the less I have to do the better I feel. Especially when it comes to shopping.
The first place you have to go to to find this awesome new release by WoW skins is The Fashion Fair 2015. This fair runs from February 1st till February 28th. WoW skin is presenting their new Selena skin there in 5 skin tones. Each skin tone comes in 5 make up versions and one natural version on which you can wear all your favorite make-up layers.
Serena is a lovely elegant skin with a delicate glow. I love the make up versions, especiall #5 but that is my personal preference. You might like the other ones better :) Just go take a look!
The next and last store you have to go to is the Designer Circle. Their current round started and it runs till February 14th. There are many great bargains to find at the Designer Circle, nothing there is over 100 L$. It is a great way to fill your inventory with great design for a bottom price!
So what did I find there? Well I love the JK Style outfits, all of them. You get such a great quatilty for a low price and the offers always come with those little details, shoes or a bag, which makes me sooo happy :)
Anyway...JK Style has some awesome offers at the Designer Circle. I just don't know what to show you first! Ok let's start...this first outfit is calles Leticia and you can fin dher at the Designer Circle for just 90 L$. Leticia comes with a long sleeved open back top, which has a HUD to change the texture into 8 colours. Included are a black and a blue pair of jeans and elegant heels in black for SLINK HIGH feet.
And the next offer by JK Style at the Designer Circle is Julez, another great outfit. Julez comes with a lovely open back shirt, which has a HUD to change the shirt into 4 colours. The matching jeans are included and they have a HUD to change the cuffs into matching colours of the shirt.
There are black classic flats included for SLINK FLAT feet. And all of this is just 85 L$.
I love this style, I can wear it all day long :)
The last outfit is also by JK style and you can find this fun Sally dress at the Designer Circle for just 90 L$. Sally comes with a colour change HUD wich changes the colour and texture of the top into 8 different textures. A fun bag is included and so are 3 pairs of tipped flats, in aubergine and green (not showing the green ones, sorry). The flats are for SLINK FLAT feet.
The last offer by JK Style at the Designer Circle are these awesome shoes for SLINK HIGH feet. You get a pink and a black pair of these Trixie shoes for just 90 L$! Trixie has that 5oth look, can you imagine wearing them with a lovely polka dotted dress?