Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What happened to the group gifts?

Hello Readers!
Remember the times when a lot of stores gave group gifts to their group members each month? Some stopped giving a gift each month, some stopped entirely. But there are still many designers that spoil their group members with a gift each month.
One of them is WoW skins. Joining their group is 350 L$ but you get a new skin each month and you get a box with about 35 previous group gifts (all skins). So take a look at their January group gift Rory in tan and decide wether it is worth to join!
Another store with great group gifts was LivGlam. They closed their group (and I think they closed their store too) but they started another brand: Lavian. I joined their group for free and they have 3 great group gifts available.
Below you can see Frozen Frames, Manic Monday and Smoke & Mirrors, which ALL come with a colour change HUD to change the dress into several lovely textures.
And CoCo has a lot of previous group gifts available. Joining their group is free. I am showing you their latest group gifts, a lovely red cocktail dress and a sexy black tee shirt dress.
I am wearing jewellery by Lazuri with these dresses. Joining the Lazuri group is 250 L$ and both sets are group gifts. The top one is called Holiday group gift and the bottom one is called Princess of the Forest. Both sets are colour change, which means by clicking them you can change the colour of the metal, the gems, and the Pearls, which gives you many options to wear and to adjust to your outfits.
My next group gift is the one by Azul. This fun feather black cocktail dress is their latest group gift and joining their group is free.
Another group I joined is Gabriel. They have 2 new group gifts for men and women. I am wearing the women outfit below, a lovely pair of leggings, including the boots, and a warm sweater with vest. The cute bear-in-pocket is included and you have a choice of a regular bear or a Christmas bear. Joining the Gabriel group is free.
My last find was a gift by my dear friend Sue. She gave me this awesome Amber gown with a colour change HUD and I just fell for it! The gown is awesome and comes with the elegant strappy heels and with a colour change HUD which changes the texture into 8 lovely colours. It is by Aly's shop and it is just 50 L$! Can you believe that? You can find it in her Second Life store HERE or you can find it on Marketplace HERE, both for just 50 L$ for the time being! Don't miss out on this awesome deal!
Aly's shop also has a Midnight Mania board and 4 Lucky chairs.
And thank you you to pieces :)
The lovely hair is Celeste by Tameless hair. This hair comes in 3 packs of 30 colours, Naturals, Fades and Fantasy. Each pack comes with a colour change HUD and each pack is 249 L$.