Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Last day for hunting

Hi there Readers!
Today is the last day in the Peace on Earth hunt. The hunt closes today. So if you still like one or more of the gifts I am showing you below, go hunting FAST!!
There is a LINK page available in case you want to go to shops which I don't show today.
You are looking for a blue globe with a white dove on it in this hunt and all gifts are free.
So where did I go? Well I landed at #98 SEW. They have a very special gift for you if you can find the hunt globe at their store. This awesome gown is yours....just open the hunt globe. But there are several extra textures included which you can change in edit. And you can add even more textures if you like. I am showing you the ones included.
The lovely skin I am wearing is Vivy by WoW skins. This skin is available at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ per skin tone and there are 5 great skin tones available.
The beautiful jewellery set is Queen of Hearts by Lazuri and this set is in their discounted department of the store. Just 150 L$ for this set, which is colour change (meaning you can change the colour of the metal and the gems by touching them). You get a long necklace and matching earrings.
And my favorite hair is Zaida by Tameless hair, 249 L$ for a Natural pack including a HUD which changes the hair tone into no less than 30 tones.
I found quite a lot of gowns in this hunt and one of them is hidden inside the hunt globe at #25 Topazia. This gown is just breathtaking! Beautiful detailed and the doves are included. Just go find that hunt globe and it is yours!!
The elegant shoes are by Essenz and they are called Detroit. They are for SLINK HIGH feet and they are not free.
Another great gown is the one by #40 Alb. You get this awesome black gown, including a clutch, beautiful head piece with a short veil, and a pair of awesome red shoes for SLINK HIGH but also for system feet. Just go find that globe!!
The next gowns are actually very Christmassy but maybe you can save them for next year if you like them. This first red dress is by #94 Arlene's Fashion. It is a great Pointsettia gown which comes with the jewellery. The only thing you have to do is go find that hunt globe !
And the next gown is by #96 Dandy and Niky. If you can find the globe at their store this awesome gown with the breathtaking head piece is yours to wear!
To wear with these gowns you need a little bling and there are a few stores that have hidden lovely jewellery inside their hunt globes. One of them is #75 Excuisite jewellery. Iside their hunt globe I found this great necklace.
And #90 Beloved Jewellery gives you this lovely set of jewellery if you can find their hunt globe.
Now if you go to #87 D.D.M. Design and you go hunting there this awesome set will be yours to wear!!
There are also some awesome winter outfits to find in this hunt. Nice and warm and in great colours. Or sexy and seducing. Like this one which is hidden inside the hunt globe at #104 Ashbury. This sexy set will not keep you warm but it will make you hot for sure.
And this elegant dress including the high boots is hidden inside the hunt globe at #31 Shoenique. A great outfit for winter days ladies, so go hunting at their store to get this outfit. I am wearing another hunt gift with this set, a lovely Christmas letter bag by #97 Pelleteria Morrisey. It is fun to wear and the hunt globes are not that hard to find...so take a shot at finding the one at the Pelleteria Morrisey store if you want this bag.
My next find just made me smile so much. This fun winter outfit is the hunt gift you can find inside the hunt globe at #93 Fashion by the Miles. I love the soft blue colour and the fun hat that is included. And I love the boots....just go hunting for it ladies, it is totally worth it.
The last find for today is hidden inside the hunt globe at #65 Shabby Chic. Wearing it I think it is a male gift actually. Well inside their hunt globe I found this soldiers outfit. If you like it, just go find that hunt globe. The shoes are not included.