Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Pretty dresses, gorgeous jewelry and to die for shoes

Happy Wednesday Readers!
Pretty dresses, who doesn't like them? And on top of that gorgeous jewelry and to die for shoes…well it's all on my blog today.
Some are free grifts in the first SL F&O hunt and this is the starting point.
There is a hint & link page available where you can see all the participating stores and also if there is a male or female gift available at the store.
All hunt gifts are FREE, and there are over 90 stores to visit!
This hunt runs till November 25th so you still have 2 weeks to go find all these lovely gifts!

The rest are bargains you can find at the Designer Showcase for November, which runs till November 30th.

So let me start with the basics first, the Omega applier I am wearing on my Vista Zoe head and Maitreya Lara body. Today it is Amorie in pineapple tone, which is on offer in dark and light tones at the Designer Showcase by 7 Deadly s[K]ins. One of these appliers in a beautiful mid tone is a gift if you are a member of the Designer Showcase group (free to join).

So let me start with the lovely Tory dress and Carina boots D.E. Boutique has on offer at the Designer Showcase .
This lovely dress fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and eBody and it comes with a colour change HUD with 8 colour options to choose from.
This lovely dress is just 149 L$ and there is a prints version available too.

With this dress I am wearing gorgeous Carina Boots which are also 149 L$. They are too by D.E. Boutique and they come with a colour change HUD with 24 options. These boots fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.

The elegant lace top stockings are from Marketplace and they are on offer there by Just Like That for 1 L$. A colour change HUD is included and they are Maitreya ONLY. 

The lovely hair is by Mina, it is their Celeste hair.

And the beautiful lip gloss is a hunt gift in the SL F&O hunt. This gift is hidden in the hunt leaf at LAQ and you get Omega appliers in 9 tones. They are #55 in the hunt.

The beautiful jewelry is by Luminesse. They are their Shandace sets and they are available at the SWANK event till November 30th for just 90 L$ per set! Can you believe these beauties are that cheap?
This is a sweetly designed necklace and earrings set in gold.  The lovely ornate chain is made from curling links, the pendant has layered metals in carved black and gold with dark silvery points on all sides, decorative curls robe the edges, the main stone is made from striated labradoriite in many great color combinations. It is available in several colours.

The poses I am using are all by Image Essentials.
Over to La Perla. They also have a very cute dress on offer at the Designer Showcase . This Tallena dress fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP, and Altamura and it comes with a colour change HUD with 18 colour options.
It has however La Perla written on the chest part.
But for just 130 L$ it is a great bargain!

With this dress I am wearing gorgeous Essy heels are by Heels and you can find them at On9. They go great with jeans, but they also look good under a skirt or dress.
With my next find I am wearing the same Essy ankle boots.
But this Nina dress is a gift in the SL F&O hunt which runs till November 25th.
If you can locate the hunt leaf at [[Masoom]] you will see that this beauty is hidden inside it!

The awesome tattoo is another hunt gift and to get this one you have to go hunting at Shinu Made. You will get this Lady Moth tattoo if you can find the hunt leaf there!
My last find for today is also a hunt gift in the SL F&O hunt, and for this one you have to go looking for that leaf at Hilly Haalan.
She packed four awesome gifts in the hunt leaf, one of them is this sweet Naomi dress with colour change HUD with 15 texture/colour options. This dress fits Maitreya, Slink and eBody and comes in L and S standard mesh seizes.
Shoes, earrings, arm bands and clutch are included!

The lovely hair is in one of the other gifts in this leaf, it comes in 3 hair tones and it is just not to miss hair, elegant and sweet.