Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Hunt gifts !

Hello Readers!
Today some more hunt gifts from the first SL F&O hunt and this is the starting point.
There is a hint & link page available where you can see all the participating stores and also if there is a male or female gift available at the store.
All hunt gifts are FREE, and there are over 90 stores to visit!

You are looking for an orange brown leaf, which you can see on my blog from November 4th.
So what did I find for you today?
First I found the hunt leaf at 7 Deadly s[K]ins. Inside is a beautiful Noira Omega applier in a gorgeous mid skin tone, an awesome hunt gift which I am wearing today. They are #11 in the hunt.

With this gorgeous skin I am wearing another hunt gift. This awesome Lauren gown is hidden inside the hunt leaf at Jumo. This striking gown fits Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink. You will be the queen of the ball wearing this beauty!

The beautiful head jewel is a gift in this hunt by Azul. Even though this is a huge store the hunt leaf is not really hidden if you are looking for info about the hunt.

The fun hair is Aya by Argrace.

And the beautiful lip gloss is another hunt gift. This one is hidden in the hunt leaf at LAQ and you get Omega appliers in 9 tones. They are #55 in the hunt.

The next hunt gift is this fun and sexy Amanda cocktail dress by Hilly Haalan. Hilly is extremely generous, she has packed 4 gifts in the hunt leaf and this is one of them. The rest I will show the next days.
This dress fits Maitreya and Sink Physique and also classic avatars.
A colour/texture change HUD with no less than 50 options is included. This store is #36 in this hunt.

The stunning Iris heels are also a hunt gift and this one is hidden in the leaf at CH's Design. They fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and a colour change HUD with 30 colour options is included. You will see more of these shoes in the next days on my blog.

And the beautiful Fleur Delique jewelry set (necklace and earrings and a colour change HUD) is the hunt gift inside the hunt leaf at Chop Zuey.
Over to a more casual look.
This to die for Jeans & top & booties set is the hunt gift at StormCrow Designs.
This store is #49 in the hunt and this awesome set is hidden in their hunt leaf. This set fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and for the sweater a colour change HUD with 10 colour options is included.

The Bluebell hair is by Escalated and this store is #43 in this hunt. You get several HUDs with this hair IF you can find that leave at their store!
One of the greatest gifts is a complete Estephania avatar by Altamura. She is a gorgeous one, with a beautiful dark sin tone. An exceptional gift and you only have to find the Leaf which is the hunt item in the SL F&O hunt at their store.
This avatar does NOT work with Omega, so you can't use any Omega applied items like hair base, tattoo, skins, make up or Omega applied clothes.
Maitreya clothes fit well, so do Slink shoes.
This store is #14 in the hunt.

The awesome Murakoa jacket is the hunt gift by ExMachina. This jacket comes in a male and a female version and it comes in 5 mesh sizes. A colour change HUD with 8 jacket choices and 5 shirt choices is included. WOW what a gift! Don't miss it, go find that leaf!

The Rebel jeans are by Allure.
My last find for today is this lovely shirt by Smesh. This top fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and it is yours if you find that hunt leaf at the store!
This store is #83 in the hunt.