Saturday, March 10, 2018

UH OH a new and enticing Altamura Avatar for just 300 L$?

Well Readers I hope you were at the Skin Fair 2018 already?
There are TWO sims you can visit NORTH and SOUTH. And Altamura has a beautiful Valentina complete Bento avatar on offer there for just 300 L$!
This Valentina avatar comes with a head & body and many HUDs to change the avatar. I am wearing Valentina on my blog today. The shape is included, I tweaked it a bit to my liking, but the shape is a great one on itself already.
The lipstick is on the Head HUD by Altamura. The nails are form the Nail HUD by Altamura.

The lovely skin I am wearing with this avatar (you will need an Omega Relay HUD for Altamura to make it work with Omega appliers) is by 7 Deadly s[K]ins and it is called Katie. Katie comes in Omega appliers and a matching Katie shape is also available. You can find Katie at the Designer Showcase till March 31st.

And what am I wearing today?
The lovely hair is Carla by Truth Hair and this is their VIP group gift for February. This group is 350 L$ to join but you get a new fat pack with hair each month! And the hair comes with a styling HUD which gives you several options to wear this hair. A MUST get!

And this first lovely Rebel Girl Outfit is by Entice. They are having an Instore Sale from March 4th till March 11th and this lovely set (top, skirt, bracers and necklace) is available in 8 colours for 199 L$ each. A FAT pack with 2 bonus colours (see separate picture) is available too for 500 L$
The Rebel Girl set fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and as you can see Altamura.
And Entice is also participating in the Trunk Show till March 18th where you can find these to die for By Your Side gowns. They are available in lights and darks and each of these sets has 10 colours. Each of these gowns is 199 L$ and a fat pack, either of the dark or the light colours has 2 bonus colours. The  fat packs are 599 L$ each!
They are perfect for a wedding party!

The lovely poses are by Glitter Poses. You can find them at the Swank Event till March 31st. There are 3 packages of poses available there, Lady Krampus is the exclusive for this event, and a Dream set and a Fanatic set are available there too. Each of these sets hold 10 poses. I am using several on the pictures below.
The lovely jewelry I am wearing with these gowns is by Luminesse. I am wearing their Tolukka Omeci set, an amazing Aztec inspired choker set with an arrow design, black metal, detailed gold weave edging, various beautiful stones. This set is really beautiful and highly detailed with a unique visual appeal. 
This choker set is available at the main store for 100 L$ until April 3rd.

The beautiful pose on the first two picture are by Image Essentials.
This pose is from their 7 deadly sins set, it is called Pride.
And this pose is also by Image Essentials, it is from their Accessorise 2 set.
With these beautiful gowns the newest released heels by MODA will go great!
These beautiful heels are called Blossom Heels and they come with a huge colour change HUD which changes each part of the shoes separate. It gives you many options to adjust the shoes to your outfit, gown or jeans or just a nice spring dress :)
The shoes fit Belleza, Maitreya and Slink. Showing you just a few options below.