Wednesday, February 7, 2018

As long as your nails look good!

Good morning Readers!
Today the usual mix on my blog. So many events going on:
The #172 round of the Designer Circle has started and this round runs till February February 17th.
A new round of the Designer Showcase also started and this round runs till February 28th.
And I told you that the Cart Sale at the Wash started and this sale runs till February 14th.
So many bargains and so many lovely new releases! But as usual I will tell you the basics I use first.

Today I am using 3 gorgeous skin appliers, they are all by 7 Deadly s[K]ins
I will mention with each outfit which skin applier is on the pictures and also which hair is on the pictures.
The gorgeous lipsticks I am using today are all by Booty's Beauty and they are called Fabulous. There are 2 versions available of these sets Hell and Heaven. These lipsticks come in Omega appliers and Lelutka appliers and each set holds 10 great colours.
The gorgeous lashes are also by Booty's Beauty and this is their Darling set. The lashes come as Omega appliers and you get 5 versions.
I am wearing a mesh head by Vista: Lia.
I am also wearing a mesh body by Maitreya: Lara.

So here goes... my first find for today is this super sexy Carly dress which goes great with the Moly heels. This sexy set is by D.E. Boutique and you can find both at the Designer Showcase. That cute Carly dress fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and it comes with a colour change HUD which gives you 16 great options to wear this dress! It is yours for 149 L$.

The Moly shoes fit Maitreya Belleza and Slink feet and they also come with a colour change HUD with no less than 24 options! This gives you the option to wear these heels with many of your outfits! And the price? 149 L$.

The beautiful skin appliers are called Nena and I am wearing the pineapple tone. they are by 7 Deadly s[K]ins and they are available at the Designer Showcase in light and dark skin tones. A Nena shape is available there too!

And the beautiful jewelry set is by Zuri Rayna Jewelry. This lovely set is called Dahlia and it comes in several settings. I am wearing the Sparkling Dia Sterling version which goes perfectly with these elegant cocktail dresses. Of course you can choose a different colour, the set is too beautiful to miss out on!

Well the title of my blog is: as long as your nails look good...and they will look good for sure with the beautiful nail appliers by Cazimi. These nails are on offer at the Designer Showcase in Omega, Maitreya, Slink and Belleza appliers, each with 10 nail colours for 99 L$ each. There is a Fade to black and a Fade to white version available.
On these nail pictures you can see the great lipsticks by  Booty's Beauty and their lashes too.

The gorgeous long  hair is by Truth and it is their Montana hair, which comes with a hat, but as you can see you can also wear it without hat. A styling HUD is included, which gives you the option to wear the hair in different styles.
My next find is this gorgeous outfit by Apple Heart Inc. which is called Carrie. This enticing dress fits  Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink and a colour change HUD with 17 texture options for the top and 17 for the skirt is included. Can you imagine how many combinations you can create?
And the price is just 120 L$ ! You can find them at the Designer Circle.
And Apple Heart Inc. has also great matching Liz boots to go with these dresses. They fit Maitreya Belleza and Slink and a colour change HUD with 12 options is included. These boots are just 99 L$.
The sensual Amelie tattoos I am wearing are by Juna and they come for almost all mesh bodies but also for classic avatars and Vista hands. The price is 99 L$ and you get 3 different fades.
You can find these tattoos at the Designer Circle and Juna is offering also a beautiful Flower tattoo for 99 L$. This tattoo works the same as the Amelie one, but it comes in just 2 fades.
The gorgeous long  hair is by Truth and it is their Valentina hair, which is a new release. A styling HUD is included, which gives you the option to wear the hair in different styles. The hair also comes with a due option where you can colour each side of the hair separate. And the back is special!
My last find for today is from the Cart Sale at the Wash and these lovely Vesna knitted dresses are on offer there by Luziefee.
There are 5 versions of this dress available ,each for just 10 L$. These dresses come in 5 mesh sizes so you might have to adjust your mesh body a bit to make them fit...but hey...10 L$ for such a  lovely dress is a steal!!!
The lovely jewelry is by Luminesse and I am wearing their Joretta Shuri bracelets and the MALE Malekko Kelp necklace. This jewelry is resizable, so you can make the necklace smaller to fit women. You can find these jewelry items at the Cart Sale at the Wash.

The fun pony tail hair is called Lilo and this hair is a brand new release by Truth Hair. This hair comes with a styling HUD which gives you several options to wear this hair and you can colour both sides of this hair separate. A HUD to change the hair bands is also included! Lilo is available at Uber.