Saturday, June 24, 2017

Oh that gorgeous skin is FREE!

Good Morning Readers!
Today some more offers from the Cart Sale at The Wash. This sale means that a lot of  Second Life Designers offer their designs for just 10 L$. 
I am also showing you to die for gowns by Glitter Fashion. You can find these gowns at Fashion Dazzle but you have to be FAST because this event ends on June 25th.
And to begin with a free item on my blog: the gorgeous Femma skin appliers are totally free. That is if you can find that half coconut from the Women Only Hunt at 7 Deadly S{k}ins. It comes in a beautiful pineapple tone and the hint is: Here comes the rain.
The PERFECT hair bases I am wearing on my blog with most hair are by Sinful Curves Skins and they have several versions which work with Catwa and Omega based heads. They are very easy to use and 200 L$ each. They are colour change so you can adjust them to each hair tone you want to wear!
The beautiful Charme eyes  in abyss colour I am wearing are by Ikon.
The gorgeous hair is by Truth, the one with the bun on my head is Ember, the long over one shoulder hair is Cheri.

So let me start with the gorgeous Moonlight Night gowns at Fashion Dazzle. Glitter Fashion is offering them in 6 to die for colours, I choose the blue one to wear on a moonlit night for a romantic dance.
With these gowns I am wearing 2 offers I found at the Cart Sale at The Wash: lovely shoes by Lindy Modern & Retro shoes, called Meshell red suede, and a beautiful jewelry set by Luminesse called Eidel Blue.
The skin appliers I used are called Birdie in pineapple by 7 Deadly S{k}ins. You can find these appliers at the Lost & Found event.
Over to the Cart Sale at The Wash and the free skin by  7 Deadly S{k}ins.
I did not blog all gifts you can find there by Baci Shop, so here is the rest I got there for just 10 L$ per outfit!
This sexy red Poppy dress comes with a poppy tattoo and it is just awesome, Can you see yourself go clubbing in this body hugging dress?
And I also did not blog all offers Entice has at Cart Sale at The Wash so I am showing you their California Love swimsuits now. They come with a colour change HUD so you have 3 options to wear them.
And they are just 10 L$! The elegant Janivo Maris pendant is a 10 L$ offer by Luminesse.
Other offers by Entice are these fun Just Dance dresses which also come with a colour change HUD which changes the top into 3 colours and the belt in a lot of colours.
There are also matching heels available, they are also called Just Dance. They fit Slink feet and they come with a colour change HUD which gives you 3 options.
The beautiful jewelry is again by Luminesse and this set is called Eloria Naomi. These offers are 10 L$ each and you can find them at the Cart Sale at The Wash.