Friday, September 23, 2016

The firts Halloween shirt for this year, new eyes, new make up and awesome jewelry!

Hello Readers!
Happy Friday! Today on my blog some awesome and FREE jewelry and Catwa make up by Zibska. And lovely new eyes by Mesange. Awesome make up from the lucky chairs at Glamorize (they have 10 lucky chairs and a Midnight Mania board for which you do not need a group, all with make up).
So where to start?
Well the skin I am wearing on my blog today is the same one I was wearing yesterday. I am wearing the beautiful Angie 2016 skin which is the newest group gift by  WoW skins. Joining the WoW skins group is 400 L$ but there is a box with over 55 previous group gifts available. The Angie skin as a group gift contains all 6 2016 skin tones, ranging from a very light Milk to a dark Caffe tone. Including matching Omega ADV head/body appliers. So this gift alone is way more worth than 400 L$!
REMEMBER: I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with all skins. The freckles are NOT INCLUDED! These freckle layers come in 4 versions, for 5 L$.
So how about the lovely make up and jewelry I promised you?
Well there is a HUNT going on at Zibska till September 26th. There are a lot of black birds at their store and 10 of them contain great gifts. Mainly jewelry (most of them come with a colour change HUD - showing you just a few options below), but the #4 and #5 gift are make ups for Catwa heads. Can't show you those because I don't wear a mesh head.
Anyway...go find those black birds and the jewelry below is yours. No group needed.
The hair is by Argrace and it is called Chikai. Just join their update group and you can take the gifts at the store.
The beautiful eyes I am wearing are Arabian Night eyes by Mesange. You can get a fat pack of these eyes (15 mesh eyes) at their store.
The first Halloween gift I found is a lovely top with colour change HUD which you can find on the Midnight Mania board at REA design. This is a GROUP board but the Rea Design Group is free to join. Don't forget to pick up the lovely Paulie heels with colour change HUD, they are the group gift right next to the Midnight Mania board.
The jeans are by Beautiful Dirty Rich. They come with Omega appliers but also with system layers. They have a free to join group, the BDR group, and they have a few great group gifts. Right next to the group gifts you can find a wall filled with dollarbies and free stuff, and you know me: I picked up everything some time ago and blogged it all HERE !
The elegant Pretty Bun hair is totally free and you can pick it up for 0 L$ at MODA.
And Mesange has released these awesome Human Soul eyes. I can't help it, I love these eyes. I know some of you love light eyes, I love darker eyes best, but these Human Soul eyes are in the middle. I especially love the green almost turquoise ones! They are not free and a fat pack of 15 eyes is availabe at the store. They are worth every Linden dollar!
However the make up by Glamorize is free. They have 10 lucky chairs and one Midnight Mania board for which you do not need a group and they all contain lovely make up. NOT for mesh heads though! But on my system head the make up looks awesome!
Last but far from least I want to show you a few free hairs I picked up on my shopping tours.
Argrace is having another lovely hair style for free at their store. This Sakura hair comes in a huge fat pack.
And Analog Dog has a free ball with hair on their beach area. At the landing point fly up, turn and look for the beach. The transparant ball on the beach contains several hair styles in lovely summer colours with colour change HUDs and this ball is totally free to pick up!