Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cart Sale at The Wash !

Hi readers!
Good news: the Cart Sale at the Wash starts today! Lots of great designers offer one or more of their designs there for 10 L$ and ONE for 50 L$.
There are so much great finds there, that it is hard to choose which to blog first, but as it is very hot in the Netherlands at the moment I went for the summer designs Classy Chics has on offer at the Cart Sale at The Wash.
This sale runs till September 28th so you will see a lot more of the bargains you can find there on my blog.
So here goes...
I am wearing the lovely Amber 2016 skin in darktan by WoW skins on my blog today. This skin is available at the Designer Showcase till October 5th. You can find 6 beautiful skin tones there, Omega appliers are also available.
The fun hair is 7050 hair by Pink Hustler. Join their subscribo and the hair will be send to you. You can colour change this hair with a HUD and you can colour the left and right side of the hair separate.
The beautiful eyes I am wearing are Morgaine eyes by Mesange. You can get a fat pack of these eyes (15 mesh eyes) at their store.
Over to  the Cart Sale at The Wash and Classy Chics. Let me show you their 50 L$ items firsts: these lovely Cotton Mini tops come with a colour and texture change HUD which changes the colour into 6 colours and 3 designs! As I said: 50 L$ for these lovely tops. ALL Classy Chics come with MAITREYA huds!
The shorts I am wearing with these tops are called Denim Fringe shorts, and they come in 4 colours for 10 L$. They come with a Maitreya HUD.
The fun sandals for FLAT feet are by Roped Passion and they are called Nani sandals. They come in 5 colours and they fit Maitreya and Slink. Each one is 10 L$ at the Cart Sale at The Wash.
I combined the Denim Fringe tops which come with a Maitreya applier in 4 colours with the Mini Denim Booty shorts (also Maitreya applier, and they come in 5 shades).
The Love Capris are one of my favorite items by Classy Chics. They come with a Maitreya HUD and this HUD gives you 4 colour options. The Love Tops go perfect with these capris. Each set (tops or capris) is 10 L$. You can find all at the Cart Sale at The Wash.
I am wearing the same capris with the fun and sexy Muse tops.
And they also go great with the Rainbow Half sweaters (which also come with a Maitreya HUD with 4 colours).
The last tops I want to show you are these Patchwork shirts. I love their design and colours! You get a Maitreya HUD with 5 colours.
And for the warm summer days you have to get these Destroyed Bikinis! They are just 10 L$ and you get a Maitreya HUD which changes them into 5 colours!
HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES at the Cart Sale at the Wash !!!