Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Just one Enticing store today!

Hello dear Readers!
Today just one store on my blog, a store I love because their offers are always great. Today I am showing you their Secret Wednesday and 55 Thursday offers, but also 2 amazing gifts you can find at their store for free!
Which store? Well Entice has these great offers I am talking about!
Let me start with their Secret Wednesday offers.
These sexy Rule the World dresses in 2 versions are on offer at the Entice store for 99 L$ each. Each dress comes with a colour change HUD which changes the dresses into 3 great colours.
Matching heels for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink high are also available in darks & lights. They also come with a colour change HUD and you can change the colour in matching colours to the dresses.
I am wearing a brand new WoW skin with these outfits, called Relitha 2016. This skin is available at the Omega Republic Event in 6 lovely skin tones including Omega Head/body appliers.
REMEMBER: I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with all skins. The freckles are NOT INCLUDED! These freckle layers come in 4 versions, for 5 L$.
The awesome hair is FREE believe it or not! You can find this Love hair at Chapter 4, just buy the small package for 0 L$. Inside you will find the hair with a colour change hud in Ombre colours.
I am wearing the same skin and hair with the 55 Thursday offers Entice has at their store. The 55 Thursday offers are also 99 L$ and they are the same Rule the World dresses as above but in different versions. You can chose the Striped version or the Pastel version. Each one is 99 L$ and comes with a colour change HUD. Matching heels are also available for 99 L$.
Entice also has this awesome Riptide bikini with wrap on their NON group Midnight Mania board. It comes with a colour change HUD and you can TP your friends over to come click!
The awesome shoes are by Gemyles and they are called Trinii heels. They come with a colour change HUD which changes the heel, the shoes and the upper parts into many perfect colours. The shoes are 199 L$.
Next to the Midnight Mania boards at Entice are gifts for the SLF&O group. This group is free to join. And this is the newest gift for group members, a great Love top and skirt outfit.
And my last find at Entice is this new group gift for Entice group members. The group is free to join. This romantic Time for Mercy dress comes with a colour change HUD so you can wear the dress in the colour you like best. The shoes are the same Trinii shoes by Gemyles which I blogged above.
The elegant stockings are called Hot in Here Nylons and they come in a pack of 3 colours. I am wearing the white version, there is also a medium and a dark version. Just 99 L$ for the sexy nylons at Entice.