Monday, April 18, 2016

Going out in style

Hi there Readers!
When I am going to a club in Second Life or when I go dancing I love to go in style. I love wearing those awesome ball gowns you do not wear in Real Life every day. In Second Life it is no problem at all. No sore feet from the killer heels, no worries about your hair not looking right and no worries about the cost of an awesome gown.
I found a few great gowns for you today, the first ones I am showing are by Entice and they can be found at the Genre Event. This event runs till May 12th and a lot of designers offer outfits there for bottom prices. The theme of this event is Belle Epoque, a period of Western European history filled with elegance.
These lovely gowns Entice is offering at Genre are called Rose gowns and there are 3 versions to chose from: Darks, lights and mixed. Each gown comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour of the gown into 3 lovely shades.
You can look this elegant for just 99 L$ per gown.
The lovely hair is Briony by Truth hair.
I am wearing a new release by Lazuri with this gown: a lovely jewelry set called Dulcina La Rue. This set is completely colour change and it will go great with al your gowns or outfits. The pearls just add that extra touch to the Rose gowns.
I am wearing the lovely Debbie 2016 skin by WoW skins. This lovely elegant skin comes with a no brow option and you have a choice of 6 beautiful skin tones, ranging from a dark caffe to a light milk tone. Appliers are sold separate.
REMEMBER: I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with all skins. The freckles are NOT INCLUDED! These freckle layers come in 4 versions, for 5 L$.

The lovely shoes are called Rachaela and they are for Slink high feet. You can get them from the Midnight Mania boards at Rowena's Design (no group needed to click these boards).
I also have been stalking the Lucky Boards at Tiffany Designs for a while and I got a few awesome gowns from these boards. You do not need a group to click the boards and you can TP your friends over when their lucky letter comes up. 
I got this elegant yet sexy Afi glitter gown from the boards.
And I was so lucky to get this beautiful Prudence gown, which comes with a colour change HUD so you get in fact 6 gowns to chose from. I especially love the train.
The lovely hair is a fat pack called Kiwi from the group lucky board at Besom hair. The group is free to join.
The next Chic Florence gown is also from the lucky boards at Tiffany Design, The clutch and the elegant fascinator hat are included.
Then I heard in the SLF&O group that the Legendaire group was free to join. I joined, but their enrollment fee is back to 250 L$. But low and behold, Legendaire has MANY group gifts for free for their group members! I think I got about 46 dresses, outfits, gowns and shoes as group gifts! So those 250 L$ are well spend.
Showing you an alternative gown by Legendaire below. This gown is called Lego gown.
And here are a few other gifts by Legendaire. Just go and have a look, you will see the group is totally worth to join!