Thursday, January 28, 2016

Totally free, you just need to spend a little time...

Hi Readers!
Today I visited SMC and they have plenty lucky boards. You do not need a group for these boards and the boards are filled with clothes (mesh) and with hair, tattoos, and shoes for Slink MID and FLAT. I am showing you what I got there below.
This first outfit is a gift in the Kawaii Hunt however and you can find this hunt item on the counter of the store, right next to the Lucky boards.
The lovely skin is Sahra darktan cleavage option and it is the newest group gift by WoW skins. I am wearing a red lipstick layer with the skin. The WoW skins group is 350 L$ to join but you will get a box with all previous group gifts (about #38) and you get a new skin each month. On top of that there are 2 group Midnight Mania boards and 18 group Lucky boards. There are also 3 NON group lucky chairs at the store, so if you like to try your luck you can get free skins there too.
Back to Sahra: she comes in all 6 2016 line skin tones, ranging from a light milk to a dark caffe tone. And Omega head/body appliers are included. You can find her and all previous group gifts at WoW skins.

REMEMBER: I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with all skins. These freckles are NOT included in the skin. You can buy them on Marketplace for 5 L$ for 4 freckle layers. 

The lovely hair is by Truth Hair and it is called Felicity. NOT free.
And these cute short sleeved dresses are from the lucky boards.
The Slink flat shoes from the lucky boards will go great with these dresses. You can wear them with or without the socks, appliers are included.
And the following cute tops and shorts are all from the lucky boards. The elegant hair is by Like Design and it is called Lodia (NOT free).
The lovely jewelry is the Halle set by Lazuri (NOT free)
The fun Slink MID shoes or the sandals for Slink FLAT feet will go great with these shorts and tops!
And these sweet rompers are just to die for...all from the lucky boards!
The elegant pumps for Slink MID feet are perfect for an elegant outfit.
And this hair is also from the lucky boards.