Monday, January 18, 2016

ohhh WoW a new group gift skin!

Good morning Readers!
WoW skins has a new group gift skin for January and this lovely skin is called Sahra. The WoW skins group is 350 L$ to join but you will get a box with all previous group gifts (about #38) and you get a new skin each month. On top of that there are 2 group Midnight Mania boards and 18 group Lucky boards. There are also 3 NON group lucky chairs at the store, so if you like to try your luck you can get free skins there too.
Back to Sahra: she comes in all 6 2016 line skin tones, ranging from a light milk to a dark caffe tone. And Omega head/body appliers are included. You can find her and all previous group gifts at WoW skins.
REMEMBER I am wearing extra freckle tattoos with the skins. The freckles are NOT included! You can find them on Marketplace by Glamorize for 5 L$.
The fun hair I am wearing is by Truth hair and it is called Mariska. This hair is on offer in the back sales room at Truth hair for 50 L$.
The lovely jewelry set and the cute bracelets are by Earthstones and they are both free at the Free Dove.
Then I went to the Designer Circle and I found this great outfit there by Smesh. The current round of the Designer Circle runs till January 23rd, so you have a few days left to go scoop those bargains there.
This great skirt with a lovely sweater comes in 3 colours and each one is just 100 L$. The scarf is NOT included, but keep reading. There are also matching boots available for each outfit (or to wear with your other outfits) and they come in 3 colours as well. With these boots you get a matching scarf to wear with the skirts and sweaters. The boots including the scarf are 100 L$ each. Which is really a bargain for such a great outfit and boots.
Then I went to Like Design to get new shoes and new hair. Nothing makes me cheer up as much as those 2 things! Like Design has a wide choice of hair and shoes, so I stood there drooling for a while and then decided to get the lovely Wrapped up shoes. These shoes come with a colour change HUD which changes each part of the shoe separate. You will have to own Slink high feet to wear these shoes and they are NOT free (325 L$) but you can adjust them to all outfits you are wearing!
The hair I am wearing is also by Like Design and it is called Angelique. I got the Rainbow pack because I love red hair, but all hair tones are available. 250 L$ per pack and you get 10 tones in a package!
I am wearing these sexy shoes and the lovely hair with the Lazy Sunday offers by Entice. I know it's Monday but I had a lazy Sunday yesterday and the offers are still at the store. These dresses are called Be With You dresses and there are 4 versions to chose from.
Each version comes with a colour change HUD to change the colour of the top, the belt, the skirt and the trim into 3 or 5 textures. I have been playing around with those HUDS for a bit and they are just awesome, there are so many possibilities.
And if you are wondering ...they are just 75 L$ each including the HUD. Showing you all 4 versions below.
The elegant jewelry is the January group gift at Shoenique. The Shoenique group is free to join and there are plenty group gifts available.